Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ tankless electric instant water heater

Atmor electric tankless water heaters provide unlimited hot water to its users. Its self-modulating smart flow technology has revolutionized the water heating system. This Atmor at d24tp az tankless electric instant water heater comes with the sleek design. It is a space saving unit. Venting is not required. Inside on your home, garage or any other place it is hanged and installed. The device is very helpful to control water waste. It gets activated automatically when it detects the water flow. It also shuts off when it found the water flow has stopped. Thus in this way this Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ unit user will lower the water consumption and the water costs eliminated. Advanced ThermoPro self-modulating system an innovative approach to regulating the amount of energy required to heat water. The machine is easy to use and set for use. Digital control allows its user to set water temperature.

Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ Thermopro 24 Kw 240V 4.6 Gpm Digital Thermostatic Tankless Electric Instant Water Heater

Key Features

  • Smart flow technology guarantees unlimited hot water without fluctuations. Control its temperature and get the hot water when it is needed for the user.
  • Self-modulating system regulates the activity of water flow. It also manage the amount of energy required to heat the water.
  • The temperature is simply set through its digital temperature control.
  • The model uses 240V.
  • DP breakers required for the water heater is 3 x 40a single phase.
  • It needs 3 x 8 AWG wires.
  • Total connected load for the device is 100a.
  • It heats incoming water by the special equipment as low as 37 degree Fahrenheit at 2.45 GPM.
  • This  Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ water heater received splash-proof IP54 certification. It installed near shower and sinks.
  • A user saves 50% of electric bill in compared to traditional tank water heater.
  • Four applications and more running with 4.6 GPM.
  • Product dimension- 17.4 x 5.2 x 13.4 inches.
  • The Overall Weight is 17 pounds.
  • The interior layer is made of stainless steel.
  • The wattage requirement is 24000 watts.
  • Water heater uses 240 volts.

What Technology Used In This Atmor at d24tp az tankless electric instant water heater?

The Atmor thermostatic tankless electric instant water heater added smart flow technology. The technology has been its revolutionary innovation. The system became more advanced and modern. The main function of smart flow is it fulfills the hot water demand instantly without wait. The user orders the tankless water heater by its digital panel situated at the front side of the outer layer of the machine. The user don't have to worry about hot water for running out.

ThermoPro series

The thermopro series is the combination of each factor which is energy, water, money and time. The Atmor brand is derived with the concept of thermopro. As a result following the concept it saves and tackles wastage of energy, water, money and time.

Advance function

This Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ Self modulating system that can controls all the function including the water flow and the amount of energy required to heat the water. After the temperature is set by the user it directly fulfills the demand for hot water instantly. The energy used to heat the water managed by self-modulating system. It also controls wastage of energy and water by providing hot water on demand without wait. Unlike other tank or storage water heater where the waste of energy and water is maximum due to waiting, fluctuations and storing of hot water which has not been used. So the electric tankless water heater delivers major savings on energy bills and minimizes water consumption.

Temperature management

The outer part is designed with digital panel to control the temperature. The user uses the panel easily to increase or decrease the temperature. There are many adjustment options for the temperature so that it can serve hot water in different places, regions, climates and many more. Sometimes the flow rate and incoming water temperature differs from place to place. As a result anyone adjust the temperature according to their situation, area and place. For example in hot places and cold places the temperature is adjusted by its need.

Atmor at d24tp az tankless electric instant hot water heater


  • You will get the hot water instantly.
  • Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ can Produce unlimited hot water for its user.
  • No fluctuations during the hot water use.
  • Reduces wastage of energy, electricity and water consumption.
  • This Electric water heater provides hot water at a time for more than four applications.
  • The water heater is compact and space-saving unit.
  • Stainless steel is used for long lasting and durability.
  • Safe for use at home, garage and any other place where the electric supply is available.

Cons with solution

  • Heater shuts off during use.
    You must check the power supply and circuit breaker. Then contact with the manufacturer or qualified electrician.

Functional Quarries (FAQ)

Q: Is the water heater corrosion resistant?

Answer: Yes the water heater uses stainless steel which protects it from corrosion.

Q: What is the GPM capacity range?

Answer: The GPM capacity of this Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ is 2.45-4.97 in range.

Q: What is the total cable size minimum?

Answer: The cable size minimum requirement is 3 x 8 AWG.

Q: Where it is mounted?

Answer: Mounting surface needs to be solid and secured. Screws required for mounting which should be at least1 inch. Level the unit carefully. Install it in upright position.

Q: How to care and maintain the water heater?

Answer: Inspect the water heater with an authorized electrician and plumber periodically. Cleaning of filter is required if it is used for more than one year. All electrical connections should be checked. Proper plumbing is needed.

Video: Atmor Instant Tankless water heater can provide Hot water within 31 Seconds.

Final verdict

So this Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ electric tankless water heater is an amazing device to enjoy hot water. Many customers reviewed the device positively. In all e-commerce sites the average rating is very good specially In You will get hot water instantly from the faucet and nozzle. The electric tankless water heater is maximum energy efficient. The water heater is much easier to install and use. It requires very little maintenance. They are safe to use as it does not emit any type of chemicals while use. The application can be used in many different areas of home.

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