Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Under Sink Water Heater

There are varieties of water heaters in the market, each of its variety is different from their functions and ability to perform work. But one of its variety Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Under Sink Water Heater is confidently a remarkable hot water system that is very compact and mechanized with various features and characteristics to solve hot water problems at anywhere and anyplace. This water heater is very unique and it has created a huge demand in the market. For day to day purpose this device is gaining popularity around the world to use it near and under sink, kitchen and cabinet for cleaning hand, washing dishes etc. If you use this Bosch T 2.5 unit you will find instant hot water supply from the faucet or tap. It does not cut off the hot water for frequent and longtime use. In most cases instant hot water is needed to have proper washing and cleaning. The bosch es2.5 has been made especially for under sink, in a cabinet or kitchen utilization. Its features and advantages are more polished than any other water heaters in the market which are not up to date and modern.

Bosch water heating ES8 Tronic 3000 water Heaters

Bosch water heating ES8 Tronic 3000T water Heaters

Let’s take a short look on this dynamic mini tank model features:
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    Easy to install the heater at anywhere and anyplace according to its users choice and necessity.
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    The dimension of this unit is very refined if you look carefully its overall performance, design and durability.
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    It utilize the electric energy very reasonably through the system to carry out the heating activity efficiently.
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    With its enormous capacity and aptitude it can flow huge quantity of hot water that could provide service for a big house including two bathrooms.
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    Its durability is higher than other heater in the market.
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    Controllable temperature and pressure relief valve for this system.
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    Eliminates the waiting for hot water as its startup process is super-fast.
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    Economical resulting through saving of water, electricity and installation of recirculating lines and pumps.
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    Properly maintained with glass lined tank and insulation.
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    There is a dialing procedure to measure the heat and temperature upon the outer side of this device.
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    This Bosch T 2.5 saves much space and can easily transferable in both indoor and outdoor use.
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    There is no possibility of flame or fire occurrence on the unit as it has been mechanized with automatic system control that proves its safety and security.
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    Trouble-free a plug in connections.
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    It has been put with a glass lined tank that was linked for long service life and effectiveness.
Let’s check the detail descriptions about the features of this dynamic mini tank water heater unit:

Installation and its procedure:

The only rule to install this heater is to attach and insert its line into the cold water and that’s it. There is no need of any help from outside to fix this extraordinary heater. You can handle it by yourself by following simple and easy techniques from the instruction manual. After fixation you can easily take the benefit of hot water. Water fittings needed is about ½ inches Male NPT.

Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Under Sink Water Heater 3

This is one the most easiest mini tank electric water heater for installation. Our team of expert found that its just a plug play unit to get the best performance. it is the unit that is able to give you on-demand endless hot water at anytime you want.

Exceptional performance:

The performance of this Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini Tank water heater depends on how the tank takes action on heating the water quickly through its device and keeps the water heated for long use and time. The heating element of this unit has power of 1440W and recovery element is 6.8 gallons per hour. The recovery rate of this unit at 90 degree Fahrenheit rise up to 6.8 GPH and the water pressure range is maximum at 150 PSI.

Tremendous Design and Space Saving Unit:

The outer portion of the unit has temperature control system for user benefit to use hot water by their choice as high medium to low. The upper and inner portion is segmented by small plugin attached together that is needed for fixation. The volume of this mini tank water heater is 2.5 gallons per minute. Its dimensional form is 13.5W x 13.75H x 10.75D inches and weight includes 15.5 Ibs. This unit comes with plugin types of wire so its ensure the wiring during installation and fits well with whole system that means it’s all about plugin play dear.

Use of energy:

With 120 volt outlet is used for independent installation and it’s another benefit is that its connection can be attached to the in line that has a hot water source. It acts well with 1440 wattage. It saves unnecessary electric use and reduces extra charge of its bills by providing quick hot water. Temperature range is 65-145 degree Fahrenheit.

Professional Skill test:

Most of the mini tank water heaters cannot handle a small room but this unit is so powerful that it can be used for big house with two bathrooms that sounds nice.

Pressure relief valve:

Due to extra temperature the pressure is controlled by valve. This relief valve is not present on other water heaters in the market. Valve is fixed inside the inlet of the machine.

Quick delivery:

Bosch electric water heater provides the quickest delivery of hot water in the market. Within seconds the hot water comes out for its user so that it can make the user happy.

Constructed elements:

This unit pressure relief valve installed for 2.5 and 4 gallons to control the temperature, glass lined tank has been assembled to carry high work efficiency, performance and durability. The water heaters are compacted and kept light weight so that it can be carried anywhere at any time to fix, now a days it is a trend to keep modern technologies light weight as things has become more portable and handy to use.

External description and color:

Basically the color is white with simple alphabets to understand on the outer side along with grey color in the middle. It is for sure that this machine will blend flawlessly with any place of decor that can be a floor shelf or wall mounted area.


  • Instant flow of hot water from the system.
  • Reduction of wastage of water from faucet or tap during waiting to get hot water.
  • Easily be channeled through device and line to many corner of the home, house or place.
  • Systematic and automatic control of temperature.
  • Attractive device to fix and get the hot water that can blend with décor.
  • Has the facility to store hot water in the mini tank for long time and later use.
  • Electrical requirement is only 12A/120 Volts which is very less if we compare to other heaters.
  • Relief valve is present and included on this Bosch 3000 T 2.5 mini tank water heater which is vital for pressure and temperature management.
  • Easy to fix, open and carry the plugins attached with the system.
  • One year warranty support for parts of the system.

Bosch Installation procedure 

Cons with Practical Solution:

  • The mini tank may seem to look big in the picture but it is not so big but rather quite small to fix and use at any place.
  • It is slightly heavier than tankless water heater although anyone can carry and put to place anywhere by hand.
  • It is not used for shower or bathroom use but can be channeled through line with main system if anyone want to use it.
  • The warranty support is kept for one year only for its parts because most cases the user do not serve any objection to it.
  • Price can look higher to other heaters but with this much of service and feature it is lower for the user. User gets the most benefits by it.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why the tank volume is only 2.5 gallons?
It is made mainly for dishwashing, cleaning hands and face, in garage use etc. 2.5 gallon water is not usable for shower but can been used for long use with its device if needed.

Q: Is there any other models of electric water heater that i can use to fulfill my home and commercial ?

Answer: yes, Dear there are lots of best electric tankless water heater in the market such as Ecosmart ECO 18, EcoSmart ECO 27, Stiebel EltronTempra 24.

Q. Can it explode during rise of temperature?
Of course not, it can minimize the heat and the user can able to control the rise that has been signaled with high low and medium on outer portion.

Q: The manual of the Bosch es 2.5 recommended for the ES8 with a 20 Amp breaker and 12 GA wire. But the mentioned wattage is 1440 with 12 Amps than why we need to add a 20 Amp breaker for completing of installtion?

Answer: That's a very good question buddy. Basically, In most of the cases different heaters like traditional water heaters, electric heaters, create to continuous loads during running. In cases of electrical codes requires a circuits with continuous loads that to be decreased by 20 percent lets try understand with example; Generally, 15 amps x 120 volts = 1,800 watts but when it decreased the watts actually 1,800 watts x 80% = 1,440 watts. That is actual wattage calculation and that is the written to calculate the actually watts. Though it is technically fine to run it on a 15 amp circuit but it is not very safe. So, for safety issue its better to add more 20 amps circuit breaker to run the water heaters unit without taking pressure or tension in your mind.

Bottom Line:

Bosch T 2.5 is a user friendly mini tank water heater embarked with new characteristics and functions that can be utilized in office, homes, bathrooms, bars, temples and so on. To get the facility and need for hot water. Amazon customer ratings and reviews are quiet good enough to prove that its efficiency and performance are worthy of it. People have started to show belief in this water heater to use for instant use and function their jobs at that time. The instruction manual will show you the clear and practical idea of the product which will solve question regarding using and installation of this dynamic mini tank water heater. So, at the last sentence we can strongly recommended you to buy bosch es2.5 water heater to fulfill your desire demand.

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