Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64GPM Digital Display Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

Do you need an outdoor tank less water heater desperately for outdoor shower and washing; especially, when you are going to enjoy your campaign time! Right? In that case, you can test out one of the coolest tank less water heater out there and that is Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64GPM Digital Display Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater. The exclusive characteristics of this Camplux 10L Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater are its functionality which can be converted for summer and winter utilization. The user of this heater can change the function according to the climate and weather change. This particular characteristic is absent in many of the water heaters. The demand and popularity are increasing as for its superb functions and user-friendly control settings. In summer you can save the gas by conversion settings of this device. It will work effectively with the water pumping system so no tension for you. Therefore, this gas water heater is inserted and made with quality technology that will grab your attention after verifying its purposeful features and benefits.

Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64GPM Digital Display Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater
Camplux 10L Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

Let’s jump to the bullet features of this Camplux 10L Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater:

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    Perfect for both summer and winter use. As you can adjust the conversion according to the weather condition. At the same time, it is highly capable to save more gas during summer time.
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    Environment friendly device as it saves the gas proportion and usage in summer time or season.
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    Fully protected from any type of overheating and burning with its flame failure technology. Also includes automatic safety device for 20 minutes and anti-freezing security protection.
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    Energy saving technology feature allows to reduce the consumption of power for up to 11.5 percent on total ratio calculation.
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    The design of this amazing Camplux 10L tankless water heater model is compact and weights very light by its structure and measurement.
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    It is formed with CSA approved regulators for gas and required adapters.
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    The shower heads are multi functional for quick usage according to the requirement ensured by the user.

Some Descriptions Of The Features Are Discussed Under:

Where it can be used:

There are many places you can fix and use this heater. For example in mountain trek areas, any type of camping, vacations and other outdoor places. The instant water heating activity of the system will inspire you to take along with you anywhere you go, visit or travel. By installing flue pipe it can be used indoors (the flue pipe is not provided with this whole item). So, undoubtedly, we can ensure you that, this unit has the highest capability to serve the best even in grid campaign areas.

Extra source of power:

The unit comes with 2D cell batteries and automatically turned on when ignition system is taken into activity. Thus with no LPG propane gas it is possible to run the system. For long hours use without gas power source this water heater is ideal in outdoor as well as indoor. Works very nice on modified water system by taking 12 volt water pump. The most notable thing of this unit regarding power uses is it can runs by using only 3 Volts that means 20 wattage.

Epic performance:

The working functions are taken into consideration by its flow rate, GPM and water pressure. This unit can able to runs its thermal heaters with minimum water pressure which is only 3.6 in the ratio. This unit can able to give the ultimate service with the water pressure from 3.6 to 110.0 and it gives the output of hot water at 2.64 Gallons per Minute (GPM). What an amazing performance of this specific Camplux 10L model!

Required gas pressure:

The gas pressure shows the result how it can handle and provide the maximum hot water into its limit and what its capacity to fulfill your demand for hot water whatever the place is. This unit needs 0.4 PSI propane gas pressure which is a guarantee of maximum power of output at 68000btu per hour to give the best performance.

Technical specifications and portability Factor:

Its innovative combustion technology allows to handle the overheating and any type of flame. The other multiple protection systems are anti-freezing and automatic safety shutoff protection while in excessive heating. The product is very compact in size with only 18.07 pounds in weight and 12.9 x 8.3 x 21.6 inches in dimension. Resulting this unit easily transportable to anywhere even in a grid campaign area.

Using versatility:

The manufacturer of this unit made this Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64GPM water heater model with the multiple using capability. Our team of expert found that its features are made to serve the hot water to fulfill both indoor and outdoor demand. This unit is also capable to work in high altitude that means you can install this unit in a hilly area.

Camplux 10L Outdoor tankless water heater

Others Gas tankless outdoor water heater you can buy:

There are some other tremendous gas tank less water heater and electric tankless water heater ruling in the market that also you can choose to buy and use your home hot need or you can easily use these models to fulfill your commercial needs. These are like: Rinnai RUR98iN 9.8, Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater, Eccotemp L10 Portable, Takagi T-KJr2-IN-LP Indoor, Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater, Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank and so on. These are also the best category gas water heater and electric tankless water heater in our expert team eye. Because, these heater has the perfect features to serve you the best performance regarding to provide instant hot water. Basically, in this buying guide we tried to reviewed those best tankless water heater which are leading tankless water heater in the market. 

How To Install Camplux 10L Outdoor Tankless Water Heater with Intex 6 SPA? 


  • Enjoy its instant flow of hot water within seconds.
  • Multi-purpose use in outdoor and indoor like in bathrooms, kitchens, family outings, vacations and others.
  • It cuts off the bill of electricity and gas as it has been added with energy saving technology that makes up to 11.5 percent reduction in energy usage.
  • Digital display of temperature in front part.
  • User friendly settings and control panel for easy and fast utilization by minimizing or maximizing the temperature and heat.
  • Fully portable, resulting easier to transport anywhere you want to transport.
  • This Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64GPM heater is certified by CSA.

Disadvantages and solution:

  • Flue pipe is not included and provided with the heater
    The flue pipe is too fixed with the help of instruction manual and it is not provided with this system because it is very much suitable for outdoor purpose primarily.
  • The structure is not heavy:
    Heavy heaters are difficult to fix and attach to the place you want to use. In today’s world people demands handier and compact water heaters so they can easily utilize it anywhere both indoor and outdoor. According to the peoples, demand manufacturer of this models made this one with smaller dimension and lighter weight that enhance the portability and easy fix-up or installation.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: If used indoor does it needs to be vented?

Answer: While using indoor it should not be installed in enclosed spaces. Otherwise, it is effective to use it indoor and does not require any type of vent other than an attachment and pipe called flue pipe.

Q: What is the dimension of the flue pipe?

Answer: The vent diameter on top is 4.09 inches or 104 mm. You can also use the 4.13-4.33 (105-110 mm) as vent diameter.

Q: Which country this system has made by?

Answer: The water heater is made in China. It includes one year warranty and technical support as well.

Q: How the shower head is replaced?

Answer: The hose is changeable according to need and the shower head is replaced by taking out the hose in front where it has been joined.


Now the following benefits and features are the qualities of a great outdoor heater to be bought. The customer rating of this Camplux 10L Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater is 3.8 stars out of 5 stars. Most importantly this particular heater is very much technologically advanced mainly for outdoor use and can also be used indoor nicely with proper attachments. The safety features are incredible with automatic safety features, flame failure device, and anti-freezing protection. That’s why our team of expert suggested you to buy this tank less water heater to fulfill your hot water demand whatever you are in a grid campaign area or you are in the home. Because this Camplux 10L gas tankless water heater also a multi-usable model for both indoor and outdoor use. So buy this one and enjoying the hot water right from the heaven!

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