Difference between Water Heaters & Water Boilers

People who are not expert in the plumbing field believe that a water heater and water boilers have the same functionality. The primary function is to heat the water. Though both the unit has similar features, they used for different purpose. In home and many other places, the units heat water in various ways for a different purpose. Smart homeowners learn about the differences between the water heater and water boilers very quickly to save time and money. During troubleshooting of the appliances, there is also the need to know what the difference is. It will surely help to solve the problem if any issue crops up.

Water heater

The water heater heats the water. It exactly what its name implies. A person uses the water heater for shower, washing of hands, clean and cook. It takes the cold water from the water supply pipe.

At last, warms it up by its heating function. In this way, hot water comes out from the faucets, taps, and showers. It pumps throughout the home when you open the tap or starts for cooking. Therefore, water heaters provide warm water which is safe and clean enough for cooking and cleaning.

Work of water heater

Tanked type water heaters and tankless water heaters are mainly two types of water heaters. The two models are the most popular in the market today. People use them according to their requirements.

Tank water heaters

Tank water heater takes cold incoming water and warms it indirectly by using a gas burner or electric heating rods located inside the tank. When the water heater reaches a certain level of temperature, it gets stored within the container. In this way, the user turns on the sink or shower to enjoy the hot water. The water heater will send hot water depending on how much the user turns the hot water handle. The user also mixes the hot water to some cold water if the water gets too much hot. The whole process done through the pressure in the pipes. When the sink or shower opened, the cold water gets into the water heater and moves the warm water into the pipe. As a result, it comes out from the faucet.

Tankless water heater

The water which gets heated instantly instead of storing it in a tank is called a tankless water heater. The user sets the desired temperature according to their requirements. Now you turn on the water, and the temperature already set. The tankless water heater heats the water going into the shower or faucet as long as the water is running from the appliances. The user will get unlimited hot water on demand. 

Water boiler

Water boiler mainly boils the water and turns it into steam. We all know that steam is an efficient way to transport heat. It is also inexpensive. The unit efficiently pumps steam through a home, and it holds the heat effectively than air.

Regarding water, it needs more effort to push for it weighs throughout a house. The primary function of the water boiler is to heat the water, boil it till it turns into steam. Then it is pushed throughout the home for the heating purpose. Water is not very portable but used to heat pipes within the home's walls or function to burn as a radiant heating system. A boiler produces steam by boiling the water to heat a house. 

Work of water boilers

Boilers are also used to heat potable water for use in the household. A boiler also used as a heating system for the home. It relies on the thermostat and heats the water within its system. The water boiler also tells when to start the heating process by its thermostat. Almost all water boilers systematized on a closed loop. They do not use new water continuously during the steam process throughout the home. The process gets to start with water inside of the boiler. Combustion chamber indirectly heats the water. At first, the water turned into steam then the boiler sends it through the home.

Once the steam cools, it turns back to water. Simultaneously, it moves back to the boiler. The water is already warm, and it does not use much energy to make more steam from it. The process also starts again with the new water system. 

Differences between Water Heaters & Water Boilers

Water boilers are used to heat a home using steam with the radiant heating process. The water heater heats the water which used for cooking, cleaning or washing.

Water heaters and home warranties

Water heaters generally provide coverage in home warranties. If the water heater fails; the homeowner calls the home warranty company. Homeowner consults with the contractor. The contractor diagnoses the water heater failure. Contractor instantly repairs or replace the water heater when they find the fault covered under their home warranty plan and contract.

Water boilers and home warranties

Water boilers are popular as a heating appliance in many places of the world. Landmark ensures proper repair or replacement of the system. They consult with the experts. It is hard to find experts for a boiler system in its repair or replacement. Home warranties would not cover the appliances if it shared.

Water Heater

Water Boiler

The water heater stores hot water in tank type water heaters. Tankless water heater gives instant hot water without storing. It does not have a tank.

The primary function is to generate heat by turning water into steam.

It is suitable for small spaces.

It heats the entire complex, pool or tube.

The water heater has simple control settings.

Water boiler has complex control and pumps.

The unit runs on solar, electricity or gas.

The unit runs in electricity, alternative fuels and many others.


At the end of this article, we hope that you definitely understand what Difference between Water Heaters & Water Boilers. If the water heater is tankless then it can provide hot water instantly buy a boiler heat the water and store it inside the tank. Resulting, water boilers energy costs higher than a tankless water heater.

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