Eccotemp i12-NG Indoor tankless heater

The tankless water heaters are getting advanced day by day through scientific research and new development of technology. Customers always looking for updated and upgraded varieties of the products technology, features, and use. Confidently it can be said that Eccotemp i12-NG Indoor tankless heater has blended with new features and technology. The ratings and reviews of the old customers of this product and model are so amazing and excellent that it has achieved huge success in the tank-less water heater industry. Tank fewer water heaters have no storage system like old days water heaters. It works when the hot water tap is turned on the cold water flows to the unit and serves continuous flow of hot warm water by temperature management and water density allocation instantly for use at any time. This new version of Eccotemp i12-NG water heater is well made, manufactured and systemized with temperature analysis and functions, modern design and size, energy and power efficient and eco-friendly. That's why, the expert call this one is best tankless water heater in todays environment consensus era.

Eccotemp i12-NG Indoor tankless heater, 12 inch NPT water fittings
Main bullet points and exceptional features:
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    Operated and functioned by natural gas in indoor places.
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    The system inputted with automatic temperature control.
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    The hot water capacity range is very high from 0.6 to 4.8 gallons per minute.
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    GPM flow and output temperatures are shown via LCD screen with touch display.
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    The gallons per minute is rated 3 impressively from its total flow rate by calculating water temperature pressure and density.
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    The minimum and maximum BTUs gas rate is 25000 and 80000.
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    Eccotemp i12-NG tank-less water heater comes with horizontal stainless steel vent kit.
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    Its voltage of 120V with power cord elects the internal exhaust fan and digital display.
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    Total energy efficiency is proved by this heater operating 2 watts idol and 1.07 amps as for measuring the electrical current and component.
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    The measurement and dimension of this unique heater is 16 x 16 x 11 inches.
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    The product has black acrylic glass casing because it conveniently allows the digital display to show properly to its users about temperature controls. Black color suits this extra ordinary model.
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    The size of this Eccotemp i12-NG heater condensed to 29 pounds for user friendly and suitable to carry and fix anywhere easily.
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    The water fitting segment is ½ NPT (National Pipe Thread).
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    It can be locked for child safety by its feature called Child Locking Technology.
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    Can be used in high elevation up to 5500 fully field tested.
Detailed analysis of the features Eccotemp i12-NG Indoor tankless heater:

Run by natural gas:

Natural gas is the key component to run the water heater systematically. The plugins has to be ensured correctly so that it can work with the gas filling to get the hot water. Indoor usage of this water heater is exceptionally interesting by gas with its electrical components.

Automation of temperature:

Temperature minimum and maximum is shown via digital display which is absent in many water heaters in the market. This user friendly digital device shows the temperature both internal and external pressure of the water running into the unit. Manually the water temperature is controlled.

Advanced technology:

LCD screen and digital display are the new element of this model of water heater. It became more user friendly and modern by the utilization automatic temperature control system. For this characteristics of this best tank less water heater is getting more attention from the people.

Gallons per minute:

The more the capacity range the better service the heater will fulfill to its user. You will be happy to know that this Eccotemp i12-NG Indoor tankless water heater will give 0.6 to 4.8 GPM. With this range and capacity, it is definitely proved that it is an amazing device.

Venting kits:

The venting components have to be strong to hold emits of gas or chemicals from the system. This brilliant unit provides stainless steel horizontal vent kits that support with the heater and emerges with its performance to user application function.

Energy and power:

The power and energy efficiency must be taken into account for how many volts this unit is using, what are its electrical issues and so on. The voltage is 120V that has been conducted for power cord connected with the line of internal exhaust and digital display. It idols 2 watts with 1.07 amps for producing the components of electrical measurement. This Eccotemp i12 model from eco temp tank-less water heater line uses gas only when the hot water is on. The energy factor is very high 79 %. The notable thing of this model is it's manufacturer fulfill all the criteria of energy guide that indicated by US government.

All fitting accessories in the box:

The manufacturer of this Ecotemp i12 heater unit provides all the necessary fitting accessories to install and set the epic tank less indoor water heater models. So,  you don't need to bear any extra expense for this unit.

Eccotemp i12-NG Indoor tankless heater fittings accessories
Eccotemp i12-NG Indoor tankless heater port

Physical size and weight:

The dimension is very suitable for any type of use in small or big places and areas. The heater can be carried and attached to any system for its user-friendly dimension and criteria.

Connection of water fittings:

The pipe has to be met with NPT so that it can be easily connected to the systems for appropriate functioning. Water connection should be perfectly alright and plumbing is to be carried if there is any problem before fitting the tankless water heater. Otherwise you will be unsatisfied with our unit.

Security measures:

Basically, any heater needs to be well protected and secured. The Child Locking Technology is used in this unit as a result of protection and safety from any kind of harm. Our product has experimented several times so it is very much user-friendly as well as children friendly unit.

Core advantages of this Eccotemp i12-NG indoor tank less water heater:

  • Extremely user friendly device because a user can control the temperature flow by maximizing and minimizing the heat, showers instant hot water faster than any system in the world.
  • It is a UL listed electrical components. Certified by UL which is a huge prospect and success for this heater that gained immense goodwill.
  • This Eccotemp i12-NG water heater comes with Full warranty and support for 2 years.
  • It has tested electronic ignition system in case any fire or flame or disasters.
  • It wastes less energy for its advance control technology.
  • Emits no harmful chemicals or gas because it is eco friendly.
  • Customer ratings is 4.3 out of 5 which is great and unbelievable.

Disadvantages and problem solution

  • Installation cost may occur in case of venting as it requires large pipes and accessories but other than this no cost will be added. The cost gets eliminate if you compare this unit to other units with this much of advanced features and advantages.
  • The price will look less if you compare its features and advantages to other heaters. From our old customer's point of view, this unit is affordable for better use.
  • Works better in smaller areas like cabinet, bathrooms and rooms.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What if I do not fix the vent for cost saving?
Do not do this because the vent must be installed properly for the emission of some chemical like NOx. The total water heater is very cheap if you compare it’s all over performance and elements to other tankless heaters.

Q: What is UL certification?
UL is a quality marked certification that is given to best products. This tankless water heater unit is UL certified through Underwriters Laboratories. That’s why this is called the best tankless water heater.

Q: Is there any other indoor model which are best for use in indoor?
yes, in our unbiased tankless water heater reviews and buying guide our team of expert found another two best indoor gas tankless water heater models for you. These are: Takagi T-KJr2-IN-LP Indoor and Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heaters. Basically, these are also higher in capacity to deliver endless hot water to fulfill your desire demand.

Final Verdict:

Eccotemp i12-NG tank-less heater is the best service provider to its user with affordable price to get hot water on demand. With this much of feature and advantages, other tankless heaters have made their price go up but manufacturer of this unit tried our best to keep it very affordable for any class of people in the society. The product design, energy efficiency, and protection features are so cool that it is attracting more and more customers around the world. Therefore we make sure to give quality and useful ingredient and modern elements to our products and this is one of them. At the end sentence our team of expert suggest you to buy this Ecotemp i12-NG water heater becasue its highly capable to serve the best for you and it is also suitable for cottage and other place where you instant hot water for shower or dishwashing.

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