Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

If your living area’s temperature is 62 degrees or above like New Mexico, south Texas, southern California, Arizona. At the same time, you are searching for tankless water heater which comes with advanced technology and capable to serve the endless hot water in need then Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of the best choices for you. This Ecosmart ECO 18 is the best performing tankless water heater is capable to save 60 percent energy by its self-modulation technology. Because this unit consumes energy only when it is in operation and uses exact unit for heating the water resulting it saves your energy cost. This is a compact and wall mounted eco 18 tankless water heater as like other models from EcoSmart production lineup. The most notable two biggest features of this unit are its lifetime warranty and easy installation process which actually ensure its reliability and guaranty to use this product with the utmost freedom.

Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater
Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater inner

Lets Sort out the short list of this dynamic Tankless water burner:

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    This unit is highly durable and user friendly.
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    It is built with separated copper and stainless steel components is designed to enhance the durability, efficiency and give freedom to replace parts in need.
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    The manufacturer offers life time residential use warranty which actually ensure the security to longer life and user flexibility.
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    Its self modulation technology reduce the energy expense up to 60 percent.
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    It is capable to serve endless hot water to fulfill your on time hot water demand.

Now it's high time to discuss about its all other unique features in brief to understand why this is the best tankless water heater in the market. let’s start with the first:

1. Endless hot water supply

Most of the EcoSmart models of tankless water heater has that uniqueness of supplying endless hot water for their user. As like Those models this unit also has that unique capacity to deliver endless hot water even in a colder climate. Resulting an inlet water temperature from 42 to 52 degree Fahrenheit it can able to support 1 shower and 1 faucet like washing machine whenever you need. At the same time, this unit is also ultimate supporter to deliver warmer environment with inlet water temperature from 57 to 62 degree Fahrenheit it can support 2 showers and a faucet with the supply of nonstop hot water supply. At the temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, this bestseller tankless water heater can able to support 2 showers and 2 faucets at a time with the supply of 24/7 endless hot water.

2. Space saving for its compact size

Now a day’s urban people lives in flat and maximum flats bathrooms are not specious enough to set or hide a gadget. In that case this eco 18 tankless water heater is the best option for you because you can easily hide this one behind your cabinet easily. The notable thing of this water heater is this unit look like a laptop size with the overall dimension of 17 inches X 14 inches X 3.75 inches. Which actually save 12 cubic feet from you storage space. So, this best tankless water heater is also suitable for smaller size flat.

3. Over heating controller Technology

This the most important feature of this ecosmart eco 18 tankless water heater because it has self-digital heat control system. Basically, This new technology can self-modulation control over the different water flow by using the flow control valve along with the Thermistor. This eco-smart 18 comes also comes with digital scale as like other models from Ecosmart. This unit can able to give 80 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in need and by this digital scale you can increase or decrease the heat by 1 degree. So, this can be a luxury gadget with a minimum cost and at the same time, it is safety unit for your home.

4. Supreme Design with less weight

In general, A water heater design does not matter but the efficiency and ultimate performance is the main fact isn’t it? But in case of Ecosmart group, they are always concern about design with the best efficiency when they produce a water heater. Resulting, This best tankless water heater model is highly supreme in design with the efficiency. At the same time, It is lowest weighted water heater with the overall weight is all about 14 pounds only. So, this feature of this unit enhances the portability issue also.

5. Best after sales Service

This is also a notable facilities that provided by the Ecosmart group to their customer. If you facing up any kind of problem regarding your ecosmart eco 18 tankless water heater then you can call any time direct to the manufacturer customer service. The manufacturer customer support centre number is 877-474-6473. So, you can call them any time 24/7.

6. Digital Remote Control System

This unit comes with a digital display remote control system which raise your ability to control your water heater from your Bad room. If you have children and elder member in your family and those family members are not capable to control the water heater then you can easily control the unit from your bad room or kitchen room even from drawing room. Resulting there no possibility to burning accident.


  • It is 99.8 percent of energy efficient
  • When installed by an professional technician manufacturer of this unit offers life time warranty for residential use with faulty parts replacement in need.
  • Is compare with the traditional water heater its self modulation technology save energy consumption up to 60 percent regarding heating the water.
  • This is an compact, styles designed and light weighted models from Ecosmart group.
  • The most important facilities of this unit is; if you are not satisfied with this unit you can return it with 30 days.

Let's See How to Add 240 circuit breaker For Installing  ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater.

Disadvantage With Solution

1. Installation Cost

To install this unit you need to hire a professional technician otherwise, your life time warranty will void. On the other hand, To run this unit it requires two double poles with a 40 amp circuit breaker. Resulting, It make some noise regarding cost issue.

To Manage the proper electrician, electrical and plumbing instruments which means you need to purchase a minimum 150 amp electrical panel, 40 amp 2 double poles breaker that are connected to 2 sets of 8 AWG wire. Resulting, your warranty is valid for life time and your dynamic Ecosmart tankless water heater gain the ability to serve the best for long run.

2. At beginning start its provide too hot water

At the early morning when you start your water heater it gives too hot water within 5 to 7 seconds of jolting at cold and hot stabilizes. Also minor category of electrical fluctuation at the time of start resulting bathroom lights can be fluctuate little bit.

IF you install electrical panel with NEMA Standard and make sure 150 amp electrical panel then it’s not a problem at means it not happening. Resulting, your problem is solved.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Q: How I can be sure this model is suitable for me? Because, I have two bathrooms and 3 sinks at my home?

Answer: Dear buddy, we discuss lot about how you can find a suitable tankless water heater for you at our home buying guide. At the same time, in all our reviews we mention many ecosmart tankless water models and explain their features now you just read out them and you will better understand which model is best for you.

Q: Is pressure release valve comes with this unit?

Answer: In some cases, you need to use this pressure release valve to control the water pressure otherwise in normal cases this unit self modulation control system can able to control normal water pressure. But if your water pressure is higher you need to purchase it separately. Ecosmart do not provide it.

Q: Is this unit capable to serve 3700 square feet home?

Answer: Yes it can but you need to install two or more tankless water heater if your bathrooms are more then 3 with 3 sinks.

Final verdict:

If your living area temperature is around 57 degree or above and have few member of your family then this Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater is ever best options to buy. The most importantly you must have to concern about the installation and setup. Otherwise, your warranty and other facilities will void for long. On the other hand, to get the best performance this eco 18 tankless water heater is suitable for 2 bathrooms and 1 sinks required home. otherwise, you need to set two or go for another model from Ecosmart Group. But if all things are going match then we strongly recommended you to buy this Ecosmart ECO 18 without taking a doubt in your mind.

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