EcoSmart Eco 27 Reset Button

EcoSmart Eco 27 Reset Button

The EcoSmart Eco 27 tankless water heater is a popular choice for many households seeking an efficient and continuous hot water supply. However, like any advanced appliance, it may occasionally require a reset due to error codes or operational issues. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the steps to effectively reset your EcoSmart Eco 27, along with tips to prevent frequent errors, ensuring a long-lasting and efficient performance.

Resetting your EcoSmart water heater is often necessary when you encounter an error code on the display, indicating a temporary malfunction. This process helps in resolving these issues and restoring normal function.

Locating the Reset Button on Your EcoSmart Water Heater

The reset function in the EcoSmart Eco 27 is integrated into the temperature adjustment knob. This dual-function knob, located in the lower middle part of the unit, allows for both temperature regulation and system resetting.

ecosmart eco 27 reset button location

To adjust the temperature, simply turn the knob clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease the heat level.

Step-by-Step Guide to Resetting Your EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater

When it comes to resetting your EcoSmart Eco 27 water heater, you have two distinct options, each suited for different scenarios. Understanding both methods ensures you can efficiently troubleshoot your unit, depending on the nature of the problem you are facing.

Resetting Your EcoSmart Water Heater Using the Reset Button

Resetting your EcoSmart water heater can often resolve minor issues and error codes, restoring its functionality. Here’s a detailed guide on how to use the reset button effectively:

  1. Activate the Water Heater: Begin by turning on your water heater. This action will activate the LED display, which is essential for monitoring the reset process and any error codes.
  2. Press the Reset Knob: Locate the round knob on your unit, which doubles as the temperature adjustment and reset button. Press and hold this knob down for 3-5 seconds. Be sure to apply steady pressure, but avoid using excessive force.
  3. Release and Observe the Display: After holding the knob for the recommended duration, release it gently. Pay close attention to the LED display, which should now show the code CE2. This code is an indication that the reset process is initiating.
  4. Check Water Temperature: Allow water to run from a faucet for two or three minutes. This step is crucial as it helps in verifying whether the water heater is functioning correctly post-reset. You should notice the water gradually reaching the desired temperature.

Standard Reset Procedure

Standard reset for your EcoSmart tankless water heater is more simple. Follow these steps for a hassle-free reset:

  1. Turn Off Hot Water Faucets: Ensure that all hot water faucets in your home are turned off. This prevents any hot water demand during the reset process.
  2. Power Down Your EcoSmart Unit: If your unit is equipped with a remote, use it to power off the unit. Alternatively, press the temperature control knob to turn it off.
  3. Ensure No Electrical Current: For safety, turn off the circuit breakers connected to your unit to eliminate any electrical current flow.
  4. Wait and Restart: Leave the unit turned off for about 5 minutes. Then, power it back on.

Troubleshooting Post-Reset Issues

Sometimes, even after a reset, the LED display may continue to show an error code, or the water heater may function temporarily before displaying the code again. In such cases, it might indicate a more significant issue that requires professional attention.

Regular maintenance and understanding the operational demands of your EcoSmart Eco 27 can significantly reduce the frequency of errors. Ensure that your unit is properly installed and the power supply is consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Regularly check for any system updates or maintenance tips from EcoSmart to keep your unit running optimally.


Resetting your EcoSmart Eco 27 tankless water heater is a simple yet vital part of maintaining its efficiency and longevity. By following the steps outlined above and being mindful of preventive measures, you can ensure a consistent and reliable hot water supply in your home. Remember, if frequent resets or unusual error codes persist, seeking professional advice is always the best course of action.