Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater

Do have a big size family? Or you wanted to buy a tankless water heater for commercial use. On the other hand, you are living in a southern part of USA or in a place where the outdoor climate is colder than this Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater is the top tankless water heater to fulfill your desire demand. This ecosmart eco 36 comes with such features those are highly capable to serve the best. This notable features like its installation process are much easier than its similar category. It is also capable to save 50 percent of your energy consumption by energy saving feature that’s why this unit got the EnergyStar certification. When we are researching of this unit we found that this unit of tankless water heater contains the highest capacity and got the Amazon best customer reviews. After this, if you want to know more about this unit let’s taking a journey to get the details.

Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater

Picture: ECO 36 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Before getting into the brief discussion let’s take short look on its features:
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    This best tankless water heater comes with self modulation technology with a digital temperature control system.
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    The most importantly for its advanced control technology this unit able to save 50 percent of your energy consumption cost.
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    This best electric water heater comes with compact dimensional size 17 inches X 19 inches X 3.8 inches that notably save your home space up to 90 percent as compared to other similar category.
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    Its copper and stainless components is designed to raise efficiency, durability with easy replacement facilities.
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    For its dynamic self modulation technology it gain the capacity to deliver on demand hot water with the supply of endless hot water to fulfill the demand.
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    The manufacturer of this Ecosmart ECO 36 water heater model offers lifetime warranty for residential use.
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    This ECO 36 36kw 240V Tankless Water Heater recommended only 4 X 40 Amps DP circuit breaker which is available on regular electricity setting panel.
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    This top tankless water heater is highly capable to provide 6 (GPM) gallons of endless hot water with on demand hot water per minute.
After that let’s get the brief discussion of this Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater features:

Basically, this eco 36 tankless water heater comes with such features which actually raise the capability, capacity and ensure to deliver the best performance that a customer expects from a device like a tankless water heater. When we analyze its dynamic features we found that this Ecosmart 36 36kw 240V water heater unit is one of the best models that outdoes in the market. Ecosmart is a good brand regarding the production of a tankless water heater unit but we must say, not only the brand you can trust on and we are saying that read the deep discussion we will find yourself why ECO 36 is the best electric tankless water heater. In this electric water heater reviews, we are made discussion on the important and notable features of this unit in a brief way that will help to understand is this unit suitable for you or not.

Let’s get the brief answer regarding this unit features:


At the very first moment, we are going to talk about its performance. Because this very important know about the performance versatility of tankless water heater unit. Resulting, it will help you to make the best decision whether it is suitable for your home or not. As we said before this is one of the best options for you to buy this unit if you have large number family and you are looking for a unit that can able to give you 4 shower or more facility at a time. Generally, this Ecosmart ECO 36 electric tankless water heater is suitable for whole house application. The most important thing is that the manufacturer of this unit builds with the capability of serving multiple kitchen and bathrooms without the breaking of sweat. This unit also capable to serve showers and dishwasher at a time and you do not need to install heating units at every point.

You can burn the water up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and that’s an exact number, not a just a range. The most notable performance facility of this unit is you can easily control the temperature down or up to a single degree and that is possible for its digital temperature control system. So, at the end sentence, we can ensure you that this is one of the best performing tankless water heaters on the market.

Build quality with dynamic Hardware design:

This eco 36 36kw 240V build with the solid and neat design because the cover of this unit is easily removable. When our team of expert looks into its inside we found that the inner hardware is strongly assembled with screws in the neat and clean way. The wire setting of this unit is done simple and easy way with 3 points and huge spaces inside the panel of this unit that help to keep it cool every time resulting there are no chances to heat up at a dangerous level. So, we can say that this is also the safest unit of tankless water to use in the home.

Flow rate and heat output:

As we mention before of this electric water heater reviews ECO 36 performance depends on where you live. That’s why our team of expert noted some area from the USA and made a temperature comparison to find the performance of this ecosmart eco 36 tankless unit performance. Let’s check it out: 

  1. ​​​​​For USA northern states: when you inlet water temperature at maximum 140 degree Fahrenheit or less, your expect flow rate in between 3 to 4 gallons per minute. That means you can run only 1 or 2 taps at a time.
  2. In the southern states of USA: If you living area somewhere where water temperature is more moderate in winter seasons then you will enjoy the flow rate in between 6 to 8 GPM.
Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater 1

Picture: Flow rate chart in different temperature & Specification.

Basically, we found that there is no clear-cut divide between these territory areas. But if you live is the area from the middle your tankless water heater performance result will be in the middle. Keep these data in your mind when you are going to use this smartest ecosmart eco 36 tankless water heater.

Space saving and compact top tankless water heater unit:

If you are facing problems regarding your home space and you are looking for a tankless water heater that comes with smaller dimension with high efficiency than this ecosmart eco 36 is the best one we have ever said. Because this unit comes with dimension up to 17 inches X 19 inches X 3.8 inches that is a little bit bigger than a laptop. Would you believe this? But its true buddy. It not only comes with a smaller dimension it is also a lightweight tankless water heater unit we must say because its overall weight is all around 17.4 pounds. Resulting you install this one anywhere in your home space even in washbasin cabinet.


The installation of  Ecosmart 36 tankless water heater unit is so simpler as compared to other similar categories of the water heater. But you have to concern about some specific parts before opening the panels and connecting wires:

  1. Electrical equipment box.
  2. 40 AMPs lines.
  3. 8 pcs of copper wiring

Another things to know before installation of this unit. Basically to complete installation this unit needs 150 AMPs in total. Generally, most homes this translates into the 8 wires including 4 grounds wires and double pole circuit breakers. Another notable thing of this unit it can able to run with a single line in that case you will get only 9 KW of heating power in instead of KW 36.

Perfect one for saving cost:

Our team of expert said much time in the tankless water heater reviews and buying guide- The self-modulation technology is most important and valuable feature of a tankless water heater. Because of this feature directly responsible for saving the overall cost of energy consumption. Now the question is Do this eco 36 comes with cost saving feature like self-modulation technology? Yes, this dynamic electric tankless water heater comes with this advance technology like Self modulation technology. Resulting, Ecosmart Eco 36 water heater consumes energy when sense its runs up flow rate. So when this tankless water heater unit idle, it does not consumes energy as traditional water heater do and this is because of its self modulation feature. So the ultimate result is it’s a cost-effective unit by reducing energy consumption.


  • Its digital control panel enrich your temperature control capacity up to 1 degree. So you can control it by own self resulting you do not need to bear extra energy cost.
  • Easily installation process with best described user manual and user guide.
  • For its advance self modulation technology you can save 50 percent water heating cost.
  • Its compact and smaller dimension save more than 90 percent home space.
  • This eco 36 electric tankless water heater capacity to run in colder environment that is lower than 37 degree Fahrenheit.
  • The manufacturer of this ecosmart eco 36 tankless unit offer life time warranty for residential use.

CONS with Solution:

High cost of installation: This is true that this unit comes with clear cut installation manual and videos but then again to the validation of warranty you need to hire a licensed plumber and electrician to do the installation job. This only reasons for high cost.

Solution: You can avail the plumber number from the directory’s but make sure when they come and start install your tankless water heater unit is they keep their plumbing licensed because the licensed number is needed for validate your warranty.

GPM can fluctuate: The GPM can fluctuate depending on your location and external water temperature. 

Solution: But it only happens when the natural disaster happens. So don’t worry it’s not a big deal.

Frequently Ask Question:

Q: what is the maximum flow rate when anyone lives in North America with the inlet temperature of 37 degrees Fahrenheit?

Answer: Oh buddy doesn’t worry this is the best tankless unit to choose for your home because this eco 36 is capable to serve hot water less than 37-degree inlet temperature and able to provide 3.5 gallons of hot water per minute(GPM).

Q: I have 6 family members in my home, can this ecosmart 36 covers? What is the maximum capacity of this unit?

Answer: Our team of expert thinks yes, this unit is able to cover you 6 family members’ needs of hot water. Because the maximum capacity it can serve is 4 showers and a sink. Hope this is enough for you. Then again you can think another one like EcoSmart Eco 27 or Takagi gas tankless water heater. But this is really can cover your whole family hot water demand.

Q: Is there any needed of filter for this eco 36 water heater model or the manufacturer give it?

Answer: Yes a filter may be needed in case of the water contains any sediment or otherwise it not necessary to hang up a filter on it. No manufacturer may not ensure that they will give a filter to it. So you can buy it separately but the filter price is not an intolerable level and it’s available in the local plumbing market. 

Q: How was the customer reviews about this product on Amazon?

Answer: The customer reviews are best on Amazon about this unit. Because it’s got the 4-star reviews on a scale of 5. When we analyze more than 2000 customer reviews through random sampling we found most of the customer give positive reviews on it. So without taking a doubt, you can buy to fulfill you and your desire hot water demand. At the same time, it has strong customer care service so you can call anytime to get the customer service at utmost good faith level.

Final Verdict:

Basically, EcoSmart Eco 36w 240V electric tankless water heater is one of the most popular and idle for residential use especially in Southern and Northan USA. It is capable to run less than 37 degrees Fahrenheit temperature so you can enjoy 2 showers simultaneously with continues hot water flow. Also, it has the capacity to runs in warmer place with 4 showers and can support 4 showers at a time with a sink. To run this unit properly your home needs 40A wiring with 4 Double poles 240-volt capable circuit breakers and 150 AMP. Its features and other technical aspect make it a highly capable unit to fulfill your demand.

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