Electric SCR2 Titan N-120 Tankless Water Heater reviews

Tank less water heaters at present are the huge demand as it fulfills the modern day needs of the people of using hot water in a smart way. Several years back, people used to have big tanks and storage system to get hot water but today the trend is totally changed. Tankless heaters are made with automatic systems and functions that can be used according to user‘s choice and need. The system follows what the user orders the machine about what temperature the user wants to heat the water and get through the device via shower or tap system. In this analysis we have found a unit which is suitable for you. This Electric SCR2 Titan N-120 Tankless Water Heater reviews we are going to show you how this suitable unit for you. basically, this unit manufactured in such a manner that it is totally controlled by the user standard and designed to follow the instruction in an advanced way. For indoor use, it can fix up in bathrooms, kitchen so that it is easily accessible. At the same time, it’s a space saving unit also. Resulting if you want replace this unit with your traditional water heater unit for sure you are in the right tankless water reviews to read. So let’s get the details about Titan SCR2 N-120 tankless water heater.

Electric SCR2 Titan N-120 Tankless Water Heater reviews
Before get into the brief discussion let’s check out its tremendous features shortly:
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    Quickly heats th​e water by using less electricity. It only use 220 Volts with 54 Amps, and the hertz capacity up to 50/60 Hz in 11.8 Kw.
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    Easy to handle and fix anywhere.
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    Simple system to function for the user.
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    Multiple use in more than one room.
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    Its outer layer is well protected and made so that heat cannot comes out.
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    Plugging are up-to-date to start up the device.
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    Few wires that are part of the device to function efficiently.
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    Secured with well protected steal shell if there is any flame or fire, earthquake or disaster.
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    Fully automatic controlled system.
Now let’s get the detail discussion about this dynamic unit of tankless water heater:

Use of less electricity and reduce energy consumption cost:

This heater is very cost-effective as it uses less amount of electric power. Its ultra-modern device can function very well with less voltage and power. Because this dynamic unit comes self-modulation technology that helps to reduce energy consumption up to 50 percent by sensing the flow rates and shower heads on/off. So the time you turn off the shower head the unit automatically shut down resulting you do not need to bear extra electricity consumption bills for this best tankless water heater. That’s why this is also called an on-demand hot water providing unit. Many other heaters on the market take the huge power of voltage and electricity to produce heat in the water but this device is not like them. It controls the electric circulation into the minimum amount to produce sufficient heat for the user.

Versatile use and space saving unit:

This Electric SCR2 Titan N-120 is one of the most versatile top tankless water heater units for its multipurpose wires and cables that are inserted in this system to use it in kitchen bathroom shower and in taps. At the same time, this Electric SCR2 Titan N-120 Tankless Water Heater compact dimensional size helps to move and install it anywhere even in under the cabinet. Its overall dimension is all about 7 inches in width x 10 inches in height x 2-3/4 on Diagram and overall weight up to 8 pounds. What do you think, this is a lower performing unit? No dear, this device may look small but its functions are versatile and resourceful for the user.

Re settable Thermostat option Manual Feature:

It’s an amazing feature of this tremendous unit of the tankless water heater. Basically, the Resettable Thermostat Manual option of Electric SCR2 Titan N-120 removes the un-expected risk from scalding or coughing the unit into the fire. If your climate is colder, this unit does not let the temperature to rise uncontrollably because in that situation the resettable thermostat manual option is activated and you have to heat up the water by pressing resettable thermostat button. Resulting in the resettable thermostat reset button and start over the process again to fulfill your desire hot water demand.

Water temperature:

This unit can able to provide hot water up to 5 gallons per minute and the incoming water temperature with above 65 degrees is used for this heater to get the hot water. Though water temperature is not a huge factor to get hot water from this device as its efficiency level is superbly high.

Use of versatile warm and cool climate:

Both hot and cold countries and area of America you can easily operate this heater but it is much more useful for the hot climate. As this heater water temperature matches the warm climatic water pressure temperature. During extreme cold, this heater can be very useful for the user if they manage the temperature for some time until its cool down.

Fully secured:

All the wires plugging and inside and outside of this SCR2 Titan N-120 indoor tankless water heater are protected with steel and copper fragment device that cannot carry any heat or electricity to harm its user. In case of any disaster, this device will not explode as it has auto shut off protection.

Uncomplicated operation:

Water flows from inlet tank that heats it with pressure and temperature through its functional applications. As a result, hot water is easily accessible from the heater.

Made with advanced technology:

Other heaters in the market are weak in terms of their competence and capability to provide good service to their user. But this top tankless water heater is made with an experienced manufacturer that used up to date technology like temperature modulator has assembled on the outer side to see the heated water if it is low, high, very high or not.

Savings of water and energy consumption bills:

Of course, it saves huge money from water bills as is very flexible to make hot water on the spot and at the same time it minimizes the use of electricity controlled by its self modulation control system sensor resulting no need to bear any extra cost to run this unit. Then again if you want to purchase the unit that is featured by advance flow control technology then there is another one in the market called stiebel Tempra 24 is similar with this one from different brands. Now you can think about easily by compare this two or you can also go for ecosmart eco 27 before buying please make sure the accurate needs of you from a tankless water heater. These three are different from one another by their faucet supporting capability. But all the three is a water and energy saving units or.


  • Operation of this heater is very economical as it uses less amount of electricity.
  • Instant flow of hot water from the faucet without waiting for long time.
  • Its main advantage is that of unlimited source to get hot water.
  • Carrying and fixing anywhere is very handy and less time consuming.
  • It allows stable temperature by its outflow according to its maximum and minimum use.
  • Temperature of water can easily be controlled and overheating is not there in this system.
  • 10 years warranty on water components and other parts guaranteed for one year with fully service support.
  • Safe for everyone to use as it is properly mechanized in terms of security safety and protection.

Cons with Solution:

  • Its price is considerably higher but I challenge this price is less if you compare its extra ordinary benefits features and advantages to other heaters in the market.
  • Overheating can take place if the user does not shuts the switch after use so turn the switch off after use.
  • For cold countries the heating can take little bit more time to start hot water as compare to warmer countries.
  • It may cool down due to intermittent use for a long time if it is switched off so the user must keep on the switch for long term use.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can this Titan SCR2 N120 water heater operate with low pressure of water?

Answer: Yes but it cannot be so low that the water pressure is less than its minimum.

Q: Does it take huge electricity and power?

Answer: No, with very little amount of power usage it can heat a good amount water.

Q: How to fix it inside the bathroom and kitchen?

Answer: Dear buddy, a user can fix it easily by reading carefully its instruction manual. If this does not help you can take our service support.

Final verdict:

Therefore the purpose of this review is to show the exceptional usage of this Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater to its buyers and users. We have done market research and our team of expertly done the proper technical research on this dynamic tankless water heaters but with this type of amazing features and advantages, I am sure that you will not find any heater. We recommend to buy and use this tank less water heater as I have used it in my own home. Our ratings and reviews are very high because of this quality and classy product.

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