How to Check Plumbing Vents?

How to Check Plumbing Vents? To get the answer first you need to know why it’s important to check vents properly. Plumbing vents require proper cleaning. Otherwise, dry P-traps may create problems. It will make unbearable for you to stay in the house. Sewer gases will increase the issue. Plumbing vent is not that difficult to check. Any person will be able to check the plumbing vents by using less time. The clean task needed to unclogging the whole system.

  • At first, you go to the top of the roof. The ladder is used to go on the roof. You have to stand close to the opening of the plumbing vent for checking. Plumbing vent connected through the roof of the bathroom. It made from plastic pipe. Plastic pipe is of two inches. Though gas vents made from galvanized metal, for its location on the roof, it is common to get clogged by dirt, leaves, sticks, dead birds and so on.
  • In the second point, you confirm the obstruction in the plumbing vents. You are required to check the opening of the vents by spraying a jet of water. Garden hose is better for spraying. The large tube will allow reaching the roof of the house — the hose connected with the tap from one end to the other. Dirt or leaves will drain by spraying a jet of water into the opening of the vents which requires checking. Water is to be sprayed carefully so that the water cannot seep into the wall. The vent is broken or disconnected when you find the wall is getting affected by the water. This issue needs to fix immediately.
  • Spraying water in the opening of the plumbing vent does not always give the right result. It sometimes backs up to the vent opening. In this case, you use a plumbing snake. It also called an electric eel and toilet jack. The function is to loosen the obstructions. Electric eel and toilet jack also remove the obstacles in their last process. A plumbing snake inserted into the opening of the plumbing vent. You start to unwind the system. Continue to insert the plumbing snake into the plumbing vent until it encounters the obstructions. Work of plumbing snake is to find and remove the obstacle as much as it can. Whatever the blockage in vent, plumbing snake works to solve it. The basic idea is to work with the plumbing snake and follow the obstacles to vent.
  • The user may suspect insufficient venting of the drain. Thus install an in-line vent with a plastic fitting. The plastic fitting installation will add air to a pipe whose drain process is terrible in it. You need to cut through the drain between P-trap and the wall by using a hacksaw device. At last glue the vent into the line by facing the vent cap in upward position.

Clearing debris from your plumbing vents

People need to look upward for checking the vent system if they find their sink is not draining properly and the waste lining system is not clogged. In almost all houses the black plumbing pipes stick up out of the roof. Clogged up vent will signal within the home in every appliance from the toilet to sink which directly not drain properly. Bath becomes like a ghost flush. Sinks starts to collect water and does not drain out.

The following things increase the clog in the system which shown below-

  • Leaves, trash or rubbish. They are hard to remove from the vent.
  • Ball type things like tennis balls or baseballs size.Various types of carcasses.
  • Deceased birds and things like that.
  • Nests of birds, insects and any other animals.

Clearing vent pipe blockages are quite annoying and pain for some people who are not used to it. Prevention is better than cure. So you can take preventive steps to stop any blockages. Most people clear blockage in a vent pipe from the roof. Unfortunately, it is the best place for clearing any obstruction. The materials you need are flashlight, plumber’s snake and hose especially garden hose. 

The flashlight will shine its light and show the person down of the vent pipe. The person cleans the leaves, nesting materials and another type of debris from the top or above of the roof.

Follow the steps to avoid long term blockage

  • Remove the items immediately you can reach easily

Many things can removed from the above. If you cannot withdraw from above then in that case run plumbers snake down the vent pipe. It will allow to brush out all of the debris and clogged materials.

How to use the garden hose to check?

You have to feed the garden hose down the vent pipe. Then turn on the water from the ground by taking help from someone, friend, relative or your family member. Water will whoosh and force the clog to drain down.

Final verdict

The blockage is a big issue in freezing climates. The only way to clear frozen vent is to pour hot water into the vent pipe carefully. You should never climb the ladder with hot water because it is hazardous. The simple way to do the task is to connect a rubber hose. There is a rubber hose which is rated to use with hot water.

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