How to install tankless water heater electric?

If you ask a question to our team of experts How to install tankless water heater Electric? They advise you to follow these steps which are given below:

Step 1: Find the proper amp required for installation:

In this first step, you have to find the proper Amp and watt requirement that need to install this unit. Don't worry buddy just see the level of the unit you will find the watt and volt now divided watt by volt figure you will find the Amp that needs to install your dynamic tankless water heater.

How to install tankless water heater electric

Step2: Circuit Breaker Stress Test:

In case of installation of the electric tankless water heater; the capacity of the circuit breaker is huge concerning factor. So, it important to do the proper stress test of the main circuit breaker. In general, our team of expert found that all the amps power capacity up to 80 percent. For example, if your tank-less water heater unit needs 50 to 60 amps circuit breaker in that case you have to choose (60 X 1.2 = 72 Amps) breaker or more whatever the amps available near to that amps value in the market. So, Please accurately do the math and compare properly cheek your existing circuit breaker if it matches then you do not need to set the new one.

Step3: Cheek the manual properly:

  • Check the manual instruction properly before installation.
  • If you found the manual is instructed to do the installation by a licensed plumber then do what the user manual asking for. So, call a professional licensed plumber otherwise your warranty is invalid.
  • Cheek electrical rating plates properly that shows the voltage and wattage. It is the most important thing to do the installation of the tankless water heater to get the best performance from the top tankless water heater.

Step 4: Inside wire connections cheek properly:

In general, a tankless water heater unit needs 1 to 6 circuit breaker and wires are connected to those circuit separate terminals. At first, you need to discover how many circuit breaker needs your tankless water heater model. To find out an appropriate number of the circuit breaker, you have check out the manual carefully and set that breaker or breakers according to the manual.

Step 5: If required need to install some additional:

This is true that Electric water heater is not able to heat up the water as fast as a gas heater. Basically, electric heaters use much electricity to serve on demand hot water. Resulting, you have to take initiative to reduce energy consumption. Now you may ask a question in yourself; How I can reduce the energy consumption of a tankless water heater? Don’t worry, you can install a tempering tank to preheat the incoming cold water. Basically, tempering tank keeps the lower thermostat setting which will ultimately reduce the energy consumption. On the other hand, if you want to recover the lower water pressure then you have to install a low flow shower heads. But be careful if the water flow moves slowly throughout the pipe then some of the flow sensor sensitive units may not be activated.

Step6: Finalization of installation:

In this step we provide all other steps of works reviews with bullets; what you have to follow to install tank less water heater electric.

How to install tankless water heater electric 2
  • check
    At First you have to move existing heater.
  • check
    Do marking the spots where you want install you water heater and open pipes cover.
  • check
    Maintaining your tank-less water heater on to the selected place.
  • check
    Then you have to do the compression that comes with fixture and install the water lines to the heater.
  • check
    In this step you have to remove air from the line then open the main valve and pass the water for 2 minutes through the line.
  • check
    To get the breaker and wire gauge size you will need to check electric codes.
  • check
    After the completion of installation re-check the connection.
  • check
    If all the connection is OK then turn on the breaker and take look on the specific standby mode sign.
  • check
    If standby sign is OK then set the temperature according to your demand and open you faucet your tankless unit start working to fulfill your demand.


In this part of the best tankless water heater reviews our team of expert actually try to sort out these easy steps that are anyone can able to follow and install a tank less water heater properly. At the same time to get the best performance from electric tankless water heater unit.

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