How to install tankless water heater gas?

After buying a gas tank less water heater unit, the first question will be the How to install tankless water heater gas? In this circumstances, our team of experts lists up some steps that you can follow easily to install your water heater unit.

Let’s take a look at those steps:

Step 1: At first remove your old water heater unit:

Our researcher sees that maximum people install the new gas tank-less water heater unit in the same place where older one is installed. It is easier because water line and gas line already existing over there. In that case, you also have to follow some steps to remove older one safely whatever it’s a tanked or tankless water heater unit. In this step by step removing process: firstly turn off the power and then turn off both water line and gas supply valves at a time. Secondly, you need to disconnect your older one and drain the old water heater. Now your place is free to install the new one.

Step 2: Established a new gas line:

It is known that if a gas line is older it might be cases of an accident. Because older pipes may be damaged and do not able to take the pressure of a new tankless water unit. On the other hand, existing gas line may be not installed with a tee or valve. So it's better to install a new gas line and connect to the main gas pipeline to get the better gas supply to your new water heater unit.

Step 3: Now install a new water line:

Now you have to install a new water line for your new water heater. In this installation, use a copper pipe and attach it with new hot and cold water line to the main water line. These new lines go into the water heater. To protect the pipe from the unwanted breakdown it’s better to hang those lines on the wall. For hanging the water lines you can use a hanger. This hanger will hold the pipe and also helps you to the insulation pipe easily. The most importantly you have clean the pipe properly before soldering because soldering helps to remove oxidation. At the same time, you need to apply flux to end of the pipe in order to soldering. Then you have to slip the pipe and connect each other. Now a question may arise in your mind: how I can start soldering the pipe? Don’t worry buddy just need heat the copper with torch your soldering will start.

Step 4: Frame of water heater buildup:

On a platform, some water heaters are better to hang and some are best to mount. So, if you want to mount your tank-less water heater on a platform; then you have to build a platform with (2 X 4 inches) pieces of lumber. Resulting, you can easily mount your new water heater 4 inches far from the wall.

Step 5: Install the ventilation system:

Installation of a ventilation system is most important part of installing a whole gas tank less water heater process. Basically, most of the ventilation installation process is more or less same you just need to follow the manual that comes with every unit of a tank less water heater. In some cases, to install a tankless water heater model from the brand RINNAI T, you need to install a DUAL VENTING SYSTEM. But all the installation processes are remaining the same.

Step 6: Turn on the water heater:

This is the final steps to install a tankless water heater gas after completing all the setting issue. In this step just insulate the hot water pipe which comes from the water heater unit. Then plug in the water heater and turn on the gas supply key. Before turning the switch please again read the manual carefully and make sure the entire thing you set as required to complete installation of a gas tankless water heater.


To follow these steps carefully you can easily install a tankless water heater gas. There is another thing we can advise you to follow which please read carefully about the warranty issue. If there is a clause to install your gas tank less water heater by a licensed plumber then you must have to call an expert licensed plumber to install your unit. Otherwise, manufacturer given warranty will be invalid. In that case, these steps also help you to sure about your expert plumber do the installation in right way or not.

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