Navien NPE-210A Premium Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater

The Navien product users are pleased with its quality hot water service. They became very content for its flow rate and high level of performance activities. The Navien NPE-210A Premium Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater boasts of its flow rate of 10.1 GPM. The water heater must power by 120 volts or 200 watts. The Navien Condensing Technology has boosted the efficiency and performance of this water heater model. The heat exchangers made of stainless steel. Thus the product is very long lasting and durable. The product is highly resistant compared to another brand of water heaters in the market. All of its control panel and settings made following the user-friendly interface. For developing the combustion efficiency, it comes with new metal fiber burner. It is designed fiber burner effectively processes the air and gas mixtures consistently.

Navien NPE-210A Premium Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater
The users must be informed about this water heater features so that they can gather the knowledge and buy it without any doubt. Let’s check the features downwards-
  • There are primary and secondary heat exchangers.
  • The heat exchangers made of stainless steel.
  • The stainless steel allows for long-term heating operation.
  • You can install it both indoor and outdoor.
  • In this Navien NPE-210A model the outdoor installation is ventless.
  • Direct vent sealed combustion has to use if installed indoor.
  • It has displayed for temperature control.
  • There is the built-in control panel for displaying the error code.
  • Cascading system has incorporated in this device.
  • Navien water heater can connect up to 16 units.
  • Specific pump and buffer tank allocated for natural recirculation.
  • Intelligent Preheating Technology evaluates hot water activity.
  • You can efficiently use in natural gas or propane gas by conversion.
  • The NPE model includes extensive safety features.

Some detail description of features to understand how the feature works with the system-

Unique and excellent heat exchangers:

The Navien NPE-210A tankless water heaters incorporated with two heat exchangers made of excellent quality. The heat exchangers made of stainless steel. The design of this tankless water heater is fantastic and highly protective. It protected from any acidic and harmful environment because of strong parts and an overall outer layer of the device.

Best condensing Technology:

The job of the condensing technology is to use the flue heat. The flue heat allows raising the temperature of cold incoming water. The heating process takes place inside the two stainless steel heat exchangers.


The NPE water heaters use two sensors. Air pressure sensors (APS) and gas pressure sensors (GPS) are its sensors. Both the technology sensor are used to manage and control fan speed with air or gas pressure.

Eco-pre mixed burner technology:

The eco premixed burner technology easily lowers the emission of harmful chemical and NOx gases. The heater manages the discharge by categorizing into three stages. Its activity takes place from partially to fully lit burner. The microprocessor controls the gas combustion. Thus Navien NPE-210A Premium gives the best performance. In the device, there are two microprocessors for handling the combustion efficiency. Those micro technologies are responsible for carrying out the task inside the heater. As a result, the heating system becomes much more reliable and better for its user.

Instant heat:

It is very easy for Navien to supply the hot water on demand. The pump and mini-buffer tank plays a considerable role in delivering instant hot water. Both systems are an integral part of this tankless design. Comfort flow technology made it much easier to provide the hot water without any restrictions on the flow rate.

Large application and use:

The premium tankless gas water heater has the facility to use hot water in multiple applications at a time. Its active link cascading system allows easily to link 16 units. The venting and wiring are not complicated at all. Sometimes the large application is also required for large families. The broad application mainly installed in hotels, restaurants, schools, cafeterias and many other places. You will find it easier to use as it has built-in controls and settings.

Remote control:

The manufacturer of Navien has given an extra facility for its use which is the remote control. The user can get it with the whole package. For some people, the remote control is necessary to operate. You can change the temperature in different modes. It will also show the error if any problem happens by its error codes. Thus you will get the information before it stuck to any severe issue inside. The display will show you everything that attached with a button.

Others Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heater Model:

  1. Navien 240A
  2. Navien NPE240S-NG Premium
  3. Navien NPE-240A Premium.


  • The water heater will provide hot water right away.
  • The Navien condensing technology allows saving money as the technology helps to use less gas by providing a high quantity of hot water.
  • You will be amazed to hear that its size and dimension is not significant which will take less space.
  • It gives sufficient amount of hot water by using less energy.
  • The Navien NPE-210A Premium gas tankless water heater is suitable for small or large applications.
  • You can run it smoothly in multiple applications in showers, faucets and many more.
  • There is a digital screen on the water heater.
  • It has the intelligent preheating technology.
  • The model consists of many safety features.
  • Exclusive warranty support.
  • Certified by Energy Star.

Cons With Solution

  • The water heater is void in some places for its emissions.
    Yes, but the emission is very low. Nowadays the water heaters are made by keeping mind about the emission of chemicals and gases. It is hard to find a water heater that emits a very high quantity of NOx.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: How much water pressure the Navien takes?

The water pressure requires from 15-150 PSI.

Q: Is the temperature adjustable?

Yes, of course, the temperature is fully adjustable. Basically from 98-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Which place is best for install?

The NPE 210A Premium can installed in a wall mounted. It is better to install in wall mounted. It can be connected both indoor and outdoor.

Q: What is the main difference between Navien and Rinnai?

There is no such difference as Navien vs Rinnai. Both are good manufacturers in the hot water service industry.

Q: Can you remind the dimension and weight?

The dimension of the product is 17.3 x 13.2 x 27.4 inches. The item weight is 90 pounds.

Video: How To Clean The Air Filter In A Navien Tankless Water Heater

Final verdict

In this navien water heater reviews our team of experts tried to describe its features that you can easily understand this is the Navien NPE-210A is the best option for you. The best finding is that, Navien brand reduces your space for installation of the water heaters. Its preheating technology is beneficial for energy efficiency and continuous flow of hot water in multiple units. The product is durable. The 10.1 gallons per unit is ideal for big homes or commercial places. Basically, In this tankless water heater reviews website we tried do our level best to find out the market leading tankless water heater for you. In that circumstances we have found this one that you can buy wihtout doubt.

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