Navien NPE-240-A Tankless Gas Water Heater

Navien brand has shown its value and efficiency for many years. For this reason, Navien NPE-240-A Tankless Gas Water Heater has selected for your home appliance. The water heater comes with arrow buttons that are much more user-friendly. The adjustment of temperature by the buttons can only handle. It will show you the real and exact temperature on the screen. Thus the risk of burns, flaming and any accidents get reduced. Anybody is safe from the use of this fantastic water heater. The Navien npe-240a reviews have a unique feature which is called an intelligent preheating technology. This cool feature is included and added in many of its models for providing the best service for its users efficiently delivering hot water. The primary function of this feature is to slowly and efficiently increase the temperature stage by stage before the user uses it. This unique Navien NPE-240-A tank less water heater model reduces the waiting time for the user. The gas input is 19900 -199900. It utilizes the existing ½ gas line for up to 24”. The vent system is 2 PVC with 60’.

Navien NPE-240-A Tankless Gas Water Heater

Key Features Of Navien NPE-240-A Tankless Gas Water Heater

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    This Navien NPE-240-A Comes with Buffer tank & recirculation pump.
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    It can support 2 inches PVC venting up to 60inches
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    It utilizes regular 1/2 inches gas line up to 24'.
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    This unique gas tankless water heater unit comes with both NG or LP field Gas convertibility.
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    Its comfort flow technology and advanced preheating technology reduce the wait time for hot water.

Advanced technology:

The innovative technology is known as Comfort flow technology. Many of the Navien NPE-A model water heaters has been attached and equipped with this Comfort flow technology. The purpose of this technology is to minimize the wait for getting the hot water. The hot water flows out effectively by the instruction of the user from the water heater heat exchanger. It eliminates the minimum amount of flow rate. The temperature fluctuation is absent in this water heater. Therefore it increases the user satisfaction and saves the money. The technology has incorporated with the recirculation pump and buffer tank of 0.4 gallons in measurement size. You have to set up the DIP switch so that it becomes easier for you to use the internal or external recirculation mode.

Functional Control settings:

The control panel is very advanced in settings with the user-friendly system. The control panel has facilitated with hot water recirculation mode, diagnostic button, master buttons for cascade operations, power button, reset button, status light, the button for necessary information and up and down buttons to increase and decrease the temperature. The temperature is set up from 1 F increment by ranging 98 F to maximum 140 F. You will also get the space heating up to 185 F. For considering the user benefits it provides a remote controller which has to install properly. The remote controller is mainly an optional accessory.

Efficiency and performance guarantee:

There are two stainless steel heat exchangers for heating the water quickly and efficiently. For this reason, the product is extremely durable for long-term usage. The energy factor of 0.97 is perfect for utilizing the level of energy for functioning and delivering high performance. Thus it saves much more energy than other water heaters by consuming less power. The ultra-high efficiency is better than none condensing units.

Built-in feature:

The built-in functionality is the cascading system. It gives more hot water in flow rate and GPM. It is a control segment feature for the multi-type unit system like this Navien 240a tankless water heater. There is no need for any other unnecessary extra elements and features to introduce in this system for ease of use. The cascading unit compiled into the whole system. Thus the water heater has become complete for the built-in cascading feature. You can easily connect up to 16 units via Navien Ready-Link communication cable. The connection ensured when the demand for hot water is high for usage in the home, commercial or any other purpose.

Extra added features:

The NPE series of water heater is excellent as water heating package device. It also combines with space / DHW application. The water heater allows working with both the NPE-A models and hydraulic air handler as a controller. Therefore the controller helps to utilize the pump in circulating the hot water. There are other add-ons which are the Wi-Fi remote. The user can control the water temperature, check the status and can receive any diagnostic error code when there is the malfunction with their smartphone.

navien npe-240a reviews

Vent system:

It is vital for a water heater to adequately vented. The vent is required for the constant flow of fresh air for combustion and eliminating the harmful combustion particles and chemicals. The NPE has the proper venting system that takes 2 inches PVC, PP, ABS or CPVC venting pipes. The length is maximum of 60 ft. Again if the pipe is 3” then it is up to 150 ft.

Others Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heater Model:


  • This unit is capable of quickest ​​​​delivery of hot water.
  • The product is fantastic for use in residential and commercial purposes.
  • There is no sound while using the water heater.
  • The heat exchangers both primary and secondary made of stainless steel which can handle long-lasting heating operation.
  • This Navien NPE-240-A tank-less water heater model comes with the indoor and outdoor both facilities for installation.
  • The water heater can handle high pressure and energy of natural gas.
  • It can also be converted to use the propane gas.
  • There built-in pump and buffer tank for different uses as internal and external re-circulation.
  • It comes with too many safety features like Flame Rod, Ignition Operation Detector, APS, Power surge fuse, Exhaust Temperature High Limit Sensor, Water Temperature High Limit Switch.
  • The device is freeze protected because it has recirculation mode to control it.

Cons of solution

  • The main Navien npe-240a problems is that it is a bit expensive.
    The benefits and advantages of this water heater are uncountable. The price has kept affordable if you reflect on the benefits and advantages. The manufacturer Navien always dedicated to giving the low cost with much higher service.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What does the word “A” used in Navien 240-A?

Answer: The word a means advanced. The term A is denoted in this water heater to indicate the unit designed with an internal recirculating pump and a buffer tank.

Q: Is the model able to give 180 F degrees?

Answer: The NPE-240A is set up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. There is the control panel where you can set up to 182 degrees Fahrenheit as the commercial mode in settings.

Q: How to deal with the installation process and support from the manufacturer?

Answer: The installation process is easy to do by yourself. But to get the technical support, there is the necessity of authorized installer and plumber from Navien Company who will help you until it gives you the service.

Video: Introduction to the Navien tank-less water heater.


The customer ratings are excellent which 4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars is. The item weight is 92 pounds. The unit is very versatile in performance which can use in many ways in residential or commercial use. It will last for many years. The users much maintain and services it from time to time by an authorized plumber and installer. In this top tankless water heater review, we tried to find out the ability of this water heater is outstanding which can be operated easily in low gas supply pressure. It can be easily linked up to 16 units nicely in one group by using simple cable and control configuration. As a result of the Navien tankless water heater reviews, it is the right tankless water heater model in a budget you can ever imagine.

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