Navien NPE240S-NG Premium Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater

Do you need a water heater well equipped with innovative technology and functions? If your answer is yes, then you are definitely in the right place to get the information about it. Navien NPE240S-NG Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater can be on your wish list and choice. this Navien NPE240S will serve you with hot and warm water that you can enjoy in showers, faucets and from other devices. The hot water will improve your health conditions form this water heater. This on-demand water heater attached with ½`` gas pipe. The gas pipe gives the capacity of 24` in the water flow. Our old clients and customers had used this water heater inefficient manner and proper way. Thus we got less complains about this product. Natural gas works excellently by improving the condensing efficiency of this heater in its ultra-process. The gas helps in the faster way to heat the water by increasing the temperature instructed by the user.

Navien NPE240S-NG Premium Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater Natural Gas

The bullet features of this Navien NPE240S-NG Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater pointed below:

  • The water heater has ultra-condensing efficiency.
  • There are two stainless steel heat exchangers which are highly resistant to erosion and corrosion.
  • The stainless steel helps to reduce the mineral deposits in the heat exchangers.
  • It has metal fiber burner that improves in combustion.
  • This Navien NPE240S-NG unit compiled with SCAQMD 1146.2 that helps in low NOx.
  • There is the option to convert natural gas to propane.
  • The unit has the adjusting capacity and adaptability to low gas pressure applications.
  • It has NPE of ½` gas lines up to 24`.
  • The unit designed with simple modular for the path which handles less water pressure drop.
  • The modular design helps in easy maintenance and field service.
  • The electrical consumption is 200 watt for up to 2 amperes with the external pump connected.
  • The electrical use is 350 watt for up to 4 amperes with the external pump connected.
  • It takes the electrical hook up AC 120 volts in 60 Hz.
  • The water pressure need is 50-150 PSI.

Innovative technology:

The Comfort flow technology is one of the innovative technologies. The function of the technology is to reduce the waiting period to get hot, warm water. For this innovation, the water heater carries no fluctuation in the temperature. The fast delivery saves the money and cuts off your bills drastically.

Systematic controls:

In the front panel, there are command centers for self- diagnostics, display of temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, display of water flow rate and display of cascade operation status. Thus the precise control is massive simple and easy to use with proper access. So it is a very user-friendly device.

Particular necessary information with data for analysis:

The heating capacity of the natural gas is 19900-199900 BTU/hour. It can also convert to propane heating capacity with proper kits and connectivities. The BTU/h for propane is same as natural gas. The water pressure is 15-150 PSI. Its flow rate DHW is 11.2 GPM (35 degrees Fahrenheit Delta T). The fuel system is natural gas. There is the kit to convert the natural gas into propane. If the user wants the fuel to be propane by following the manual, This Navien NPE240S-NG can be converted to propane easily with the help of installer or plumber.

Navien NPE240S-NG Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater installtion process

Basic specifications:

The ignition is electronic ignition. The vent type forced draft direct vent. The distance measured for the vent is 0 inch to Combustibles. The installation process depends on the user choice entirely. It is to be wall mounted. The water heater is ideal to use both in indoor or outdoor. The certification is from NSI Z21.10.3 / CSA 4.3-2011.

Performance and power:

The minimum gas input is 19900 BTU/h. The maximum gas input is 199900 BTU/h. The BTU is same for propane and natural gas. In typical southern climates, it is 11.2 Gallons per minute if the water temperature rises to 35 degrees. Again in typical northern climates at 75-degree rise in water temperature, it provides 5.1 Gallons per minute.

Standard dimensions:

The width, height, and depth are 17.3, 27.4 and 13.2 inches. The item weight is 75 pounds. This standard dimension enhance the mobility of this specific model of Navien tankless water heater. 

Descriptions related to fuel type and pressure with the measurement:

The approved energy source of fuel for Navien water heater is natural gas or propane. The natural gas supply pressure in minimum and maximum is 3.5`` W.C. and 10.5`` W.C. respectively. If it is propane, then the supply pressure in minimum and maximum is 8.0” W.C. and 13.0” W.C. respectively.

Manifold gas pressure:

The natural gas manifold gas pressure is minimum 0.04`` W.C., and the maximum is 0.58`` W.C. The minimum propane manifold gas pressure is 0.02`` W.C., and the maximum is 0.78” W.C.

Inlet and outlet measurements:

The cold water and hot water inlet is ¾ inch NPT. The condensate outlet is ½ Inche NPT. The water heater gas inlet needs ¾ Inch NPT.

Others Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heater Model:


  • The Navien gives instant and on-demand flow of hot water.
  • It emits low NOx.
  • The water heater is easy to set up.
  • There are many display functions.
  • It has the self-diagnostics capacity to control any problem before the problem becomes severe.
  • The unit covered with intelligent preheating technology.
  • It is an Energy Star certified water heater.
  • The safety features are APS, flame rod, water temperature high limit switch, power surge fuse, sensor, exhaust temperature high limit, ignition operation detector and many more.

Navien tankless water heater problems & solution:

  • It has to maintained in regular intervals
    The water heater needs to maintain systematically. It generally depends on the purpose of the commercial use it is best to check at intervals.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can the water heater be connected to Navien wireless controller?

Yes, the NPE-240S connected to Navilink out of the box.

Q: What are the included accessories?

You will get installation and operation manual, wall mounting bracket, quick installation manual, tapping screws and anchors, natural gas to propane conversion kit, 2” wall flanges, 2” vent termination caps and many other accessories.

Q: Tell details about the vent system?

The exhaust and intake needed is 2`` or 3`` PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene 2``. If the exhaust and intake is 3`` special gas vent type BH. The vent clearances will be 0 inches to combustibles. The maximum equivalent exhaust vent length and maximum equivalent exhaust air vent length is 2`` PVC vent up to 60 ft or 3`` PVC vent up to 150 ft. At last the approved venting materials are PVC, CPVC, and Polypropylene.

Video: Navien Tankless Water Heater Maintenance.


In this tankless water heater reviews we found that the Navien brand produces the most elegant water heaters. It has grabbed the attention of the new customers. The old customers are highly dependent on this water heater for its high and best performance for efficiently delivering the hot water. The whole device attached to amazing functions, controls, technology and innovative components. So, undoubtedly you can buy this Navien NPE240S-NG gas tankless water heater to fulfill your desire hot water demand. 

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