What are common causes of Noritz tankless water heater problems?

Noritz tankless water heater

Noritz Inc. is one of the leaders of home comfort in the world especially North America. They manufacture a variety of tankless water heaters. All the tankless water heaters they made are very high in quality. They are known for giving durable and efficient heating solutions. A wide variety of tankless units is available in their stocks.

Products are of high standard. They also have some flaws. The water heater can run efficiently into different issues like failed to continue the heating process. In the article, we will try to highlight some of the common problems people face. The information will help to fix and know the cause of the unit.

Noritz tankless water heaters are considered an excellent product for unique functions and performance. They are a significant investment for the home or office areas. The latest versions of the water heaters are highly efficient. It saves a considerable sum of money in the long run. It's less common for the Noritz water heaters to create some potential issues. A user should maintain the water heater properly. Some common problems can occur if a person does not do proper maintenance of the water heater.

Most common issues arise due to lack of adequate support are given below-

  • Mineral buildup inside the unit.
  • The system gets overloaded because of multiple use and tasks.
  • Cold water sandwich and tapped water issues.
  • Exhaust blockage signal or Air supply.
  • When the tankless water heater shows “No ignition” message in Noritz.
  • The user will get a flame failure message.

Cause 1: Mineral buildup in Noritz tankless water heater

Whether you have a Noritz tankless water heater or traditional water heater, the mineral buildup is a major concern. Hard water facilitates mineral buildup in a unit. In many cases, calcium and magnesium are the main culprits of the issue. The two components create scaly buildup inside the unit. It does a damaging effect when the tankless water heater not maintained carefully. Every year the owner must try to flush the water heater. Noritz water heaters sensors detect mineral buildup. They alert the user about the issue at the right time. The user knows the symptom of the problem before it gets worse. A water softener works as a shield during the effect starts to occur. It slows down the process of mineral buildup in the unit.

Cause 2: Cold water sandwich with trapped water

A member of your family finished the shower, and now it is your turn. So you turn the shower back on. You felt warm water after a few seconds and just hopped in. Then the issue happens. You got blasted with cold water before it returned to a bearable temperature. The user has sandwiched in cold water. Suppose, one of your family members finished shower and turned it off. Some quantity of hot water which got heated before it remained in the pipes on the way to the shower. After you entered the shower, you turn the water back on. You initially got the trapped water. Generally, a water heater takes a few seconds to heat the water. There is a gap of unheated water just after the trapped water you received at first during turning on the shower. Next time, you use the hot water after it had used; know it there will be a small gap of cold water coming out from the pipe. The difference is more noticeable when the water has to travel further from the water heater to its destination.

Cause 3: Multiple tasks make the system overloaded

Multiple people use hot water in a house. Several tasks completed by using the Noritz tankless water heater. The system sometimes gets overloaded after handling the hot water tanks for a long time in a single day. It either struggles to fulfill more hot water demand or gets completely shut down. Thus a user tries to reduce the extra need for the hot water supply in the home. The unit is also reset for more or less usage per day according to claim. If the demand is high, a user considers upgrading the hot water into a large unit. They also try to add the second unit for more supply of hot water in a house. The second unit is a cheaper solution for any home in the long run. It will decrease the use of water while waiting for hot water to arrive. There will also be less use of gas to heat the water.

Cause 4: Air supply or exhaust blockage signal to its owner

The Noritz tankless water heater is probably having issues with combustion air or venting if the message like air supply or exhaust blockage appears. At first, the user must check the vent pipes. They should make sure the vent pipes are correctly connected. The user needs to check if there are any significant holes. Noritz tankless water heater professional uses equipment to detect any gas leaks or gaps that may not be visible to others. Blockage message also occurs when there are any bird nests, wasp nests, rodents or any other things. The problems also take place inside the fan motor or another part that is difficult to check without an expert of Noritz tankless.

Cause 5: User gets “No ignition” message in Noritz

A “No ignition” message on Noritz tankless water heater means the water heater is unable to light for some issue. It also says the water heater is trying hard to light the unit, but for some reason, there are unable to do it. Most cases, the problem is related to gas supply or venting. There are some potential gas problems which include an empty tank of propane gas, or the gas bill is unpaid. When you find the issue is not simple, then you must make contact with the local service provider. They will assess the situation.

Cause 6: The user will get a flame failure message

The flame failure message shown on the display because there is either a gas pressure problem or an electrical issue. Many times flame failure message is given for gas pressure issues. At first, solve the simple questions like a low propane tank or unpaid gas bill. There are also several factors that create a problem with gas pressure. Some possible factors include too small gas line, regulator failure in the unit, combustion issues, venting problems, and other causes. You call a trained technician to solve the flame failure problem. The technician will use a tool called manometer. Manometer to gauge the gas pressure and will locate the problem. Flame failure also happens due to an electrical issue. As a result, you must check the device with an authorized professional to come out and take a look.

Noritz NRC661-DV-LP Indoor Condensing Direct Tankless Hot Water Heater 6.6 Gpm-Natural Gas propen


Noritz tankless water heater needs to be maintained by proper maintenance step by step. Adequate maintenance of the unit will help to run the water heater efficiently for a very long time. However, problems suddenly come out. The homeowner of the water heater should take prevention before the issue becomes worse. The list above is some of the common causes of problems that people face in Noritz tankless water heater, but it is not all-inclusive.

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