Pex Pipe Vs. Copper Pipe. How to Repair a PEX Pipe

Pex Pipe Vs. Copper Pipe! which one is the best? Primarily, copper pipe and fittings used for water supply systems. There are common in many homes. Galvanized pipe also known as a copper pipe. Their function is the same. The word galvanized means acquiring complicated connection techniques from an expert. Again the phrase copper in the plumbing section means to become an expert in the art of sweating copper fittings which are required to connect the elbows and tees using solder and torch for its proper function. Skills in plumbing are very different. People become an expert in the field by learning the skills carefully. Professional plumbers are in massive demand in the world. They make sure all the fittings are well connected. 

Amateur plumbers use PEX plastic pipes and push-type fittings. Now the plumbing techniques have become comfortable with different accessories and materials. Stores and different home improvement websites like Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Lowe's sell and stocks various PEX piping. There are colorful and many standards of PEX pipe which are all copper pipe. Lets us discuss what to choose?

What is defined by copper pipe?

Plumbers are used to copper pipe fittings. For many years the purpose of this fitting is growing. People used it in the past and also using today. Millions of homes are satisfied with the copper pipe. It is to note that copper is 60% more costly than PEX, which might be shocking for some people to hear. Generally, copper is expensive for its high price in bulk copper. Copper is always in demand in the stores whether local or international. The stores keep the pipe available for its high demand.

PEX terminology

PEX is a plastic tube. It is super strong and semi-rigid. Cross-linked polyethylene is another name of PEX. Some people refer to the title as cross-linked polyethylene instead of PEX. Colors are given for the convenience of the user and plumber. The colors are placed to aid in installing the product efficiently. It also helps in the repair of the unit. The red color shown for hot, blue for cold and white color is for any temperature. It is to be noted color not related to the pipe temperature. The pipe is another thing which does not have the temperature related qualities.

SharkBite Brand and the way fit in the pipe

There are not many brands in the market that do push-fit or stab-in plumbing fittings. SharkBite is one of the famous names for various types of fittings. Pipe functions according to Sharkbite plumbing fittings. The fitting gets pushed from the pipe. Tiny teeth held are the fittings in place. SharkBite connector fits with any pipe including PEX pipe or copper pipe. The user fits the connector by their choice and the pipe they have; it may be PEX or copper.

Copper pipe information

  • Recycled copper used in plumbing fittings around the world.
  • According to Copper Industry Trade Group & Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA)
  • Copper pipe is rigid. Copper stub-out is strong and used in the fittings.
  • Works well with high heat services like the water heater. It is more heat resistant.
  • Copper melt point is high compared to PEX. It creates toxic fumes when it gets burned in high mode.
  • The fittings are cheap.
  • Resell of the materials is valuable.

PEX pipe information

  • Using the SharkBite system or crimping tool, PEX tightened onto brass fittings.
  • You cut PEX using a scissors type of cutter or razor blade having the rotational cutter.
  • Cheaper than copper pipe.
  • Without heat, the PEX turns five inches in radius. It is bendable.
  • Brass fittings of PEX are expensive than copper.

PEX is easy to work, connect and joint than copper

Most people like the PEX for its many advantages and benefits. It is modern fitting and connector. Plumbers and users find it easy to join the PEX pipes and accessories in the homes and buildings.
Corrosion happens in the joints of the copper. Copper pipe requires the high skilled plumber to fit. It is joined using specific techniques. On the other hand, PEX joints are foolproof. The joints connections are convenient to fit in PEX.

PEX pipe repair

PEX pipe may damage and needs replacement. The damage may occur during installation or freezing. Therefore, new PEX pipe is to repair where the ruined taken place. The user has to insert the best fitting for their PEX.

Pieces of equipment to repair the pipe

  • PEX cutter
  • Two straight insert fittings
  • Four crimp rings
  • PEX crimper
  • Tape measure 


PEX cutter will help to remove the damaged part. You have to cut the area of damage part in a 90-degree angle. Crimp ring placed on the end of the removed area. It will side on the damaged area. Carefully slide the ring for two inches or little more from the end. Straight insert fitting is to push into the pipe. Align the crimp ring over the PEX tubing and fitting. PEX crimper is used to crimp the band. It secures the fitting. You have to use tape to measure the distance. PEX cutter helps to cut the PEX tube according to the required measurement. Crimp ring has to be slide on the new machine. The user should check the fittings. In the PEX tubing and fitting the crimp ring is put together. PEX crimping tool generally crimps all the fittings properly. If you follow these article you also get  the knowledge about how to install pex pipe?

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