Rheem RTG-64XLN 6.4 GPM Tankless Natural Gas Water heater reviews

There is a huge scarcity of quality tankless natural gas water heater in the market. So for this reason, Rheem has manufactured a quality product for its users named as Rheem RTG-64XLN 6.4 GPM Tankless Natural Gas Water heater. It has gained a huge popularity in the market as it has the ability to fulfill the need of the society for the gas tankless water heater. Now the question, what is tankless natural gas water heater? This system provides unlimited hot water continuously operated by the use of natural gas without a storage or tank. The water circulates through the copper heat exchanger and gives a continuous supply of hot water. The copper heat exchanger has very high durability, ease of fabrication with high thermal conductivity. At present days and situation, people want quick service to save their time, as a result, they need water heaters that can provide the instant flow of hot water for long period of time like Rheem RTG-64XLN gas water heater can do. By following this new trend we have come with this product that can solve the limited hot water problem through supplying instant and unlimited continuous flow of heated hot water for an unlimited period of time at anywhere and anyplace.

Rheem RTG-64XLN 6.4 GPM Tankless Natural Gas Water heater
Feature of this outstanding unit:
  • The natural gas or electricity components are connected to operate the system. For indoor use, the electricity is to be lined up and for outdoor use, natural gas has to be lined up. The power source should be 120 AC (alternating current) by plugging into the hard-wired device.
  • It can easily be set up outdoor for camps, mountain trekking, any kind occasion or celebration to advocate the demand for hot water. Tankless water heaters are judged by the maximum temperature rise possible at a given flow rate. The flow rate and temperature rise determine the user choose what type of heater they want in their indoor or outdoor use. This excellent product produces at least a 35-degree rise in temperature at 6.4 gallons per minute.
  • Another quality and characteristics is that there is a device called UMC-117 remote control that has a panel for user to use for maximizing or minimizing the system temperature as better use and handy. This function is very modern and up to date which is absent in most of the water heaters in the international and national market.
  • As user wants to set the temperature according to their desired point a component is introduced in this best tankless gas water heater system known as a thermostat. The wire is filled with the thermostat element for any kind of heat or cool set point. The automatic thermostat is applied in this heater.
  • Emits ultra-low nitrogen oxides (NOx) as the burner is made of advance technology to follow the government requirement rule for pollution control of SOUTH COAST AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT (SCAQMD) under 1146.2 heads.
  • This Rheem RTG-64XLN outdoor tank less water heater weight is 54 pounds. This weight is very standard for product use in outdoor. The overall dimension of this tankless unit is all around 14 x 10x 26 inches. Measurement is considered by the manufacturer for the convenience of the user. Its color is grey which sets smart outlook of the product.
  • Voltage required to run the system is 120V. Sufficient voltage supply smooth’s the heating.
  • Has to be properly installed in outdoor by fixing it on wall as it is a wall mounted device. You will get the item package in 1 quantity because the product comes in a single piece with its supportive fixtures for fixing and installation.
  • The voltage length can extended when required by hard wires. This extension feature is not present in other heaters. The energy efficiency is 0.82 with all copper heat exchangers in the system.
  • Gallons per minute (GPM) has the minimum flow rate of 0.26 which sounds cool. Side by side the activation flow rate of the hot water when it starts is 0.40 GPM.
  • A firm coverage is made when the temperature gets too much heated called OVERHEAT FILM WRAP (OFW) to protect the heat exchanger as of excess pressure.
  • You will be amazed to know that this smart heater can be positioned at anywhere and anyplace whether it is in high altitude- mountains, hills or low altitude- flat lands, deserts, near sea. The high altitude range capability where this heater can be put in place is upto 9840 feet elevation above sea level sounds shocking and cool right.
  • Manual gas isolation valve impacts vital role to handle the gas system by its core valves plugins and wires to improve the flow heat measured by remote.
  • One of its new and fresh quality is that it can take the rise of 354 degree Fahrenheit temperature to its water density flow rate of 6.8 gallons per minute maximum. The minimum gallons per minute is 5.3 with temperature heating pressure rise at 454 degree Fahrenheit. This is only for outdoor installation only.
  • Protects the emissions of harmful chemicals as it has the Industry best! NEXT GENERATION BURNER TECHNOLOGY.

The details of the above features are:

How it can be functioned and connected:

The natural gas has to be filled by the plumber in case of outdoor use. Instruction manual shows plugins and connections which is very easy if someone looks and reads it carefully for a few minutes. Firstly it will be fixed on wall mounted place outdoor. Then the hot water tap should be turned on and the cold water runs through the tankless unit and delivers unlimited hot water.

Temperature details:

During the rise, the temperature remains 35 degrees at 6.4 gallons per minute. Of course, the pressure will also take place during the epic up limit of the unit. Also, its new specification has been added 6.8 gallons per minute at 354 degrees Fahrenheit when it is maximum. The minimum fall of temperature is 5.3 gallons per minute of 454 degrees Fahrenheit. In case of outdoor installation only.

Full power source:

It is the best tankless water heater that has big control over the power utilization and voltage analysis. The voltage device is 120 AC and can be increased when required through plugins and hard wired in the system.

User friendly technology:

It has remote control made for this best gas water heater when the user can automatically have a control over temperature equations upon the heat allowed by this heater. The temperature is shown in the panel of the outer layer or part. At the same time, the manufacturer of this unit ensure the efficiency and performance of this Rheem RTG tankless water heater model.

Safety features:

The main safety feature of this Rheem RTG 6.4GPM  is the automatic thermostat which is a 10 feet wire attached to the system required to heat increase or decrease at the desired set point and user choice. Another important feature is the copper heat exchanger with energy efficiency factor is 0.82. There is also OVERHEAT FILM WRAP (OFW) to protect the heat exchanger during excess functioning

Low emission of chemicals:

Harmful chemicals are lowered down in case of emission in the system by a new burning technology called NEW GENERATION BURNING TECHNOLOGY. That helps to decrease the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). Resulting, this Rheem RTG-64XLN unit is a environment friendly tank less water heater model from Rheem. 

Output flow rates and remote control system:

Gallons per minute is 0.26 minimum at a flow rate of 0.40 GPM in terms of activation start. So you can say that it is a low flow rate startup water heater with a remote control system activated water heater unit that can allow you to control the hot water temperature by reducing facility of 1 degree up to downing temperature even you are taking your shower.

Advantage of this epic gas heater:

  • Fastest flow of hot water saving time and effort to get it.
  • Continuous supply of hot water as it has great copper heat exchanger, good output flow rate and exceptional temperature pressure heating system.
  • Designed with modern technological frames like remote system, thermostat wire, low NOx control device burner, standard size and dimension, very good activation flow rate and pressure handle, user and environment friendly.
  • Full warranty and support mentioned in the guide manual for the user and to get the higher warranty facility you can easily resister on Rheem warranty user benefits option.
  • High customer ratings and reviews compared to other. The rating is 4.2 out of 5.

Disadvantages with its solved argument and answer:

  • This best tankless natural gas water heater has followed the regulation in case of harmful chemical emission like NOx. It has been controlled by the burner system technology. As a result any state of US can use this undoubtedly including California.
  • Medium efficiency is not bad at all but rather convenient because it handles and measure the outdoor environment where high efficiency water heater is not useable right.
  • Price is not that expensive but affordable though compared with its outstanding and rare features and advantages.

Other similar tankless water heaters you can buy:

Yes, this is true that this epic tankless water heater is the best but then again if you want to search more and more then you can check these models from different brands who are manufacturing tankless unit to serve you the best. Models you can check like: Takagi T-KJr2-IN-LP, Camplux 5L Outdoor 1.32GPM, Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heaters you can buy. if you are a campaign guy then Eccotemp L5 or camplus 5L is also top gas water heaters you can choose for use.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can electricity be used in this device?
If properly channeled with plugins it can also be operated indoor for home applications like bathroom, kitchen.

Q: How I connect the wires?
In case of easy choice you can call a plumber who is professional and if you look carefully in the picture and read you may do it by yourself.

Bottom line:

Therefore, by analyzing the above points and detailed features of this dynamic Rheem 6.4GPM tankless water heater model we have found that it has been proved to you that this outdoor natural gas water heater is the one and only better choice for the buyers to enjoy the warm or hot water. At the same time, its advance control technology and warranty reduce your tension and ensure the life long use of this epic outdoor tank less water heater. Resulting, you can use it with a fresh mind for a long time. Especially, overheat film wrap technology save your heat exchanger from unwanted functioning for a long time. So, without taking a doubt in your mind you can use this one to fulfill your hot water demand for long a while.

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