Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

The Takagi brand makes water heater for use in all climatic zones around the world. The outdoor tankless water heater fits perfectly on hot or cold climate. The Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP Outdoor Tankless Water Heater has the internal freeze protection technology where the supply of water will not freeze in the line. Again the technology can tackle extreme cold climate to provide hot water to its users. The rugged metal case kept the internal components safe and secured if there is snow, ice or rain outside. This Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP gas tankless water heater BTU output range is from 19500 to 140000. Thus it accommodates the groundwater even of the colder temperature. The hot water comes out from the tap without any fluctuations and blockage at a cold temperature. The outdoor tankless water heater will save you on the cost as it heats hot water efficiently by consuming less energy. Energy efficiency and factor is 0.82. Therefore you will get more hot water on a budget.

Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP Outdoor Tankless Water Heater, Propane

Lest's take a short look on Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP Outdoor Tankless Water Heater:

  • The water heater is to installed in outside only.
  • The minimum to maximum BTU per hour is 19500 to 140000.
  • Its energy factor is 0.82.
  • Maximum flow rate in GPM is 6.6.
  • The support is hydronic baseboard or radiant floor heating applications.
  • The capacity to deliver is from 200 to 500 gallons approximately.
  • Gas connection requirement is 3/4 “.
  • Highly suitable for light residential and radiant heating applications.
  • The basic specification needs to be AC 120 v (60 Hz).
  • It fits on any outdoor spots.
  • You will find hanger on the top which allows mounting on the wall fixed with seven screws and nails.
  • Mounting hardware prevents the heater from slipping down to the wall or coming off due to the wind, heavy snow, heavy rain, and storm.

On-demand hot water facility:

There is no cold-water sandwich. You will get the flow of hot water instant without any hamper or fluctuations from your shower, tap or faucet. The warm hot water you will enjoy from this unit will be on the spot from this Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP gas tankless water heater. You don't have to wait for the hot water because this is the unit that has the capacity to deliver instant hot water. The built-in sensors and technologies ensure proper hot water by following the user's instructions. It's design with a way to provide the hot water instantly.

Energy efficiency:

The propane tankless water heaters have high potential to use the energy in right way. On the other side, it cut off the bills of the user by using the power efficiently. Thus it also helps the environment and saves the energy.

Protection feature:

The outer part of the device protected from any environmental calamities. The powerfully built of the invention can give the user service effectively without any problem. The safety features that can manage any problem are surge protection, freeze protection; overheat protection, troubleshooting diagnostic codes and many others.

Compact size:

This Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP takes less space to fix outdoor. The dimension of the product is 6.7 x 13.8 x 20.3 inches. The weight is 38 pounds. There is no problem to fix it in the wall mounted places outdoor.

Warranty and support terms:

The heat exchanger warranty support is 15 years. And parts warranty is for five years only for the residential usage.

Some technical specifications:

Emission of the device is low NOx. You will look its water connection location is situated at the bottom. The water connection is ¾". Its heat exchangers made of copper. The technology is non condensing.

Features Of Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP

Others Takagi Tankless Water Heater Model:


  • This Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP comes with high energy saving efficiency and the factor of 0.82. As a result, you will save more money.
  • It got certification from Energy Star.
  • The water heater is environmentally friendly.
  • The warranty plan and support is remarkable which comes with this unit.
  • It is an excellent option for small and medium-sized houses to get the high quantity of hot water on demand.
  • The constant flow of hot water from faucets taps and showers.
  • This unit works superbly in extreme weather conditions including hot or cold weather.
  • It emits fewer emissions.
  • The device protected as it consists of high safety features.

Disadvantage with solution

  • The input power requirement is a bit high.
    To get the right amount of hot water the process of the internal part needs to charge with sufficient energy. The Overall power requirement of this Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP is also dependent upon the use. The high amount of input power will process efficiently. At last, it balances with the energy factor and efficiency which will cut off your energy bills and cost.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does the water need to be fixing with any kits?

Answer: No, there is no need for extra venting. The outdoor model requires no venting at all.

Q: Is it possible to hook with a bbq sized propane tank?

Answer: Yes why not. The big or small it can use swiftly.

Q: Can it be attached to the garden hook for water supply?

Answer: You have to attach with right adapters, fittings and hose correctly. The essential thing is that it needs the right amount of water pressure.

Q: What is its ignition AC, DC or non-electric?

Answer: The ignition of the outdoor tankless water heater is AC.

Video: Checking out the new Takagi Tankless Water Heater

Final Verdict

In the best takaji tankless water heater review; our team of expert tried to found some unique features of this dynamic outdoor water heater. Resulting, we found that the water heater is ideal for small and medium family units. The model designed for outdoor installation. It requires no venting. The outdoor model has the opportunity to run by remote control. By sitting anywhere, you can control and manage the temperature. If your kids are in the shower or someone washing clothes, then you do not need to go to the place where the heater installed. You have to use the remote control. There are many safety features included such as if there is any overheat in the device it has the technology that will cut off automatically. Therefore it defends any accidents. The user can also run the water heater by combining it with the central radiator or any water heaters. There are ports for the plugin with other heaters. So, without felling any doubt in your mind you can buy this Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP unit to fulfill your desire hot water demand.

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