Traditional Water Heaters vs. Tankless Water Heaters: Why you ought to make the change

Its really too important to know which water heaters are best; Traditional Water Heaters vs. Tankless Water Heaters. Because, there are different types of water heater in the market. New water heater comes with advanced functions and features. You are in the right webpage to know the difference between traditional water heaters and tankless water heaters. We are confident you are looking for a new water heater. The article will give you a basic idea about the differences and unique functions of the water heater. It is a tough decision to buy a water heater. You have to do much research in advance about various models. We are thinking you are trying to replace the old one and trying to find a new upgraded water heater. A water heater is an expensive appliance. There are also some extra costs added with the unit. It accounts almost 20 percent on average of the home energy.

Most buyers become confused when they are going to choose tankless or tank water heaters. It becomes daunting for many average buyers. The decision is dependent on the buyer. They should try to make their investment pay off.

People are less knowledgeable about water heaters. An average person will probably know a little about the tank and tankless heaters. In the article, we would try to explain the central issues of both the water heaters.

Crucial differences explained below, and it will help a person to switch from one to the other. 

Main differences of the units described below-

Tank water heaters

Tankless water heaters

Traditional water heaters have the tank for creating heat in the water.

Tankless water heaters do not require any tank. It creates heat in the flowing water within minutes on demand.

The water heater takes big space like an entire corner of basement or entryway.

It hangs on the wall like a small cabinet. The heater is compact and takes small space.

The tank is must to provide hot water.

Lack of tank has made the unit more compact.

The appliance works rigidly.

A user can change the work way of the appliance.

There is a big holding tank with a heating coil in the bottom of the traditional heaters.

Tankless is generally a box around the heating coil.

Function- When the heat rises, water drawn from the top of the tank. Heating coil raises the temperature of the whole tank after the water added for use.

Function – The water gets passed from the heating elements. It does not surround near the heating elements. Water travels from one end of the tankless unit to the other. At the same time, water takes the heat and flow from the faucet or shower.

The temperature of the tank needs to be in constant heating to get the hot water.

The unit turns on when the user wants hot water.

It requires reheat of itself.

It does not require any reheat for it.

Why you ought to make the change?

Advantages of tankless water heaters pointed below-

  • Unlimited supply of hot water.
  • A person saves a great deal of space.
  • Less disastrous if an issue develops.
  • No risk in use.
  • You are able to save an impressive amount of money from your water heating bills.
  • Efficient and multi-tasking.
  • Longer life than tank units.

Supply of hot water

Tank water heater

Traditional water heater supplies less amount of hot water. You are not able to do laundry, dishwashing, and shower at the same time. The hot water may get finished when you do more than two tasks at a time. When the hot water ended, you have to wait till the whole tank gets heated up. The process is slow. In today's fast-paced world it is also not convenient.

Tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters can produce unlimited hot water. You will get a continuous flow of hot water from the unit. You wait for few minutes between turnings on the hot water and having it comes out from the faucets, tap or shower. In a single time, you can do a bath, laundry, washing, cleaning, and dish washing. You will get hot water as much as you want.

In many ways, hot water from tank models will run out quickly. It takes a long time to heat the tank. On the other hand, tankless units are flexible. You get on-demand hot water with continuous flow. A user will never run out of hot water.

Space issue

Tank models

Tank models require a massive part of an area. They need space to keep the tank in place. People living in small spaces cannot fit the tank water heaters.

Tankless models

Tankless water heaters are incredible. They take less space and compact in size. They fit nicely in the cabinet next or under your sink. You can also mount on the wall in your home, business or basement. Space is not a factor for the tankless units. It is incredibly convenient for people who live in small houses and apartments.

Which creates more issues

Tank water heaters

Tank models create more significant problems in many ways. All the functions are manual. If any leakage occurs, you have more than fifty gallons of water spilling out even you shut off the unit. The unit is risky to use and highly disastrous.

Tankless water heaters

No water heater is entirely perfect. The tankless model has problems, but it is not significant. When a unit leaks you just shut off the water supply, and that's it. New tankless models come with smart shutoffs. So there is no problem using the unit.

Save of water heating bills

Tankless heater models

Tankless water heaters are very high energy efficient unit. It is 35 percent more efficient than tank models. Many research organizations like Energy Department have found out that a typical house saves more than hundred dollars every year after installing the tankless units. The main reason for this is that people are not using the heater constantly. The unit can provide hot water when it required without waiting for it. It is also called on-demand water heater in modern times. You use the fuel when there is a need for hot water.

Tank heater models

Tank water heater makes many standby losses. An extended period you have to wait for until the tank gets filled up. It increases the bill every year. Hot water is limited. There is a high amount of waste in hot water. It lacks a continuous flow of hot water.

Multitasking Features

Tankless water heater models

Tankless models do multitasking at the same time. They can supply 12 gallons per minute.

Tankless water heaters last twice the working life of tank water heaters.

The expected life span of tankless water heaters is around 20 years (Energy department, Consumer reports). On the other hand tank models the last maximum around 10 years.


Tank models are cheap at its upfront cost, but the replacement costs, repair costs, fitting prices are very high in the long run. It will increase your energy bill. Our expert suggests investing in more efficient fixtures and appliances rather than putting a huge sum of money into new tank models.

Tankless units are the more convenient system. It will surely reduce water usage and water heating costs. A person should switch to tankless to make the home more efficient. You can eliminate 60 percent of hot water usage. The unit is 30% more energy efficient than tank units. Your investment will pay you back quickly when you switch from tank to tankless water heater.

So, After capturing our analytical article of tank VS tankless water heaters, hope you will decide which one is best for you. Tank water heater or Tankless water heater.

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