Webstone 44443WPR 3/4-Inch IPS Isolator EXP E2 Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit

The tankless water heater valve kits are y helpful for the installation, operations, and maintenance of any tankless water heaters. But there are many manufacturers produces the market-leading valve kits and the oldest Webstone 44443WPR isolator tankless water heater service valve kit is one of them. This valve kit also the most popular and reliable in the market. This webstone 44443WPR isolator tankless water heater valve kits come with some unique features, and these features make this the best tankless water heater valve kits on the market.

Webstone 44443WPR 3by4-Inch IPS Isolator EXP E2 Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit with Clean Brass Construction

Let's take a short look at its dynamic features:

  • This webstone 44443WPR is a lead-free valve kit, so it meets all federal & state standards for lead levels components in drinking water system.
  • That is strongest but smallest valve kit in size that only 3 by 4inches.
  • It perfectly designed for tank-less water heater service valves
  • This webstone 44443WPR includes a residential pressure relief valve which is 150 PSI per 200,000 BTU.

Easy to maintenance

It comes with a compact design and which leads to natural system flushing and cleaning. So, you can clean the system without having to remove anything. At the same time, this webstone 44443WPR comes with a clear and easy instructions manual that makes more natural to understand how to install the kit.

Quality materials help to easy install

This unit comes with comfortable 2 step union connection males this ideal for renovating your bathroom. At the meantime, this an excellent kits when it was isolating a tank less water heater. These valves made of heavy solid brass which ensures its quality. It comes with two sides cold and hot side, so the hot and cold water flow comes with separately, and the handles are easy to turn on & off. It also made with a high flow hose drain that ensures the constant flow rate of hot water. At the same time, it certified by CSA which even assurance of its quality.

Warranty from the manufacturer

If you installed it by a professional then the webstone company, Inc. give a massive guarantee on this one, and they also ensure that the product is free from the manufacturing defects. Then again if you find any manufacturing defects, the manufacturer will replace it free of cost.

Advantage of this Webstone 44443WPR isolator tankless water heater service valve kit

  • Product dimension is all about 9 X 4 X 7 inches that ensure to fit in a tight place. And the overall weight is around 3 pounds that also enhance the easily moveable factor.
  • As we said before, it made with quality materials resulting it doesn't leak at all.
  • It has all the capability to handle leaks paths.
  • This valve is easy to clean with vinegar.
  • This webstone 44443WPR is a compact version of Webstone’s original Isolator EXP.


  • The manufacturer gives valid warranty when you install this valve kit by a professional plumber, and you have to operate it under normal conditions.
    Our team of expert also preferred to install all these categories of product install by a professional plumber. So, there are no chances of the accident.
  • The webstone valve kits are bit expensive than others.
    But they serve you for the long run.

Frequently asked Question

Q: Is this valve pack incorporate with 1by 2 inches pipe thread reducers?

Answer: No dear, this valve kit pack comes with only 3 by 4 inches pipe thread. So, you have to purchase 1 by 2 inches thread reducers separately.

Q: Is this webstone 44443WPR well-matched with eco-smart series tankless water heater models?

Answer: Yes buddy, this valve kit is well matched with the maximum eco-smart series tankless water heater. But you have to install it by a licensed plumber.

Q: Can this webstone 44443WPR used for Navien tankless water heater?

Answer: This valve kit comes with the 3 / 4 inches pipe thread, but you can maximum reduce it 1 by 2 inches. Our team of expert found some of the Navien tankless water heaters support the 3 by 4 and 1 by 2 inches thread reducers. So, you can efficiently use this 44443WPR valve kit for your Navien Tankless water heater.

Q: This hot water heater valve kit has a 3rd outlet as it looks like, is the 3rd outlet for the relief valve?

Answer: Yes dear, the 3rd outlet is for the relief valve.

Q: This websotne valves drain and shut off the water heater to protect from freezing? Because I will be installing a tankless water heater to fulfill my outdoor shower?

Answer: Yes dear, these webstone valve kit can protect your tankless water heater from freezing. Mine installed in a pavilion that shut down your heater in the winter.

Final Verdict

At the end of this tankless water heater accessories review, our team of expert ensures that this is the perfect valve kit to get the best performance from your dynamic tankless water heater. All the features and the overall quality of this webstone 44443WPR has ensured the capacity and make sure to fulfill your on-demand hot water needs. So, without taking any doubt, you can buy this one for your bathroom renovation.

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