What Are the Dangers of Using Propane Heaters?

What Are the Dangers of Using Propane Heaters? An essential question regarding your family safe from any unexpected accident. Propane heaters are perfectly safe. Yes, proper safety precautions are to be maintained by people like any other heating device. People can be safe easily by following some basic principles in using propane. Some people fear that it is difficult or time-consuming to be safe, but it is not a true statement. But instead, any people with some basic knowledge can remain protected and secured from any danger. In our home and commercial applications heating with gas is still a perfect choice. People use the propane for a wide variety of tasks in many household and commercial spaces.

Propane heater safety and benefits discussed below-

Propane heater basic information

There are mainly two specific forms in propane heaters which are freestanding and attachment.

Freestanding propane model

Freestanding model is all-encompassing, comprised of a base, body and propane tank attachment for its users.

Attachment propane model

  • In the attachment, there is a handy attachment connected to a standard LP tank. Thus, the attachment type is precisely according to its name.
  • Freestanding and attachment models are both portables. For this particular reason, it became popular in residential and industrial use.
  • Propane is the byproduct of natural gas. In today's world, the use of propane is increasing day by day. It found in many homes and businesses around the world. Propane is the product of natural gas processing. It also comes from petroleum refining. Fuels used in the units are known as LP or LPC. The abbreviation of LPG is liquid petroleum gas. LPG is a hybrid mixture of butane and propane.
  • It is not risky to use gas heating in your home or trade. We all know propane widely used as fuel energy. It powers many appliances like water heaters, laundry dryers, stoves, furnaces and many more. Space heater requires LP gas for its operation. Therefore, the use of propane is common for many years.

Why Are Propane heaters safe for use?

A person should follow proper direction while using propane heaters. As long as they follow the right method, it is safe. Danger does not come from the gas itself, but it comes from carbon monoxide. It's an organic byproduct of combustion & there is a strong odor in propane. It helps a user to discover any leakage by sniffing. However, carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless in every aspect of its outcome. This gas creates a safety hazard as it competes with oxygen binding sites on the hemoglobin molecule.

Carbon monoxide (CO) develops poison in human blood by replacing oxygen. In this way the proportion of oxygen declines in the body. On the other hand, carbon monoxide gets stronger and increases in the human body. Therefore, a victimized person becomes unconscious at the moment.

The actual risk of propane heaters is very low and slight. Injuries from CO poisoning is uncommon. Severe poisoning has not occurred for many years in many countries; because of carbon monoxide. Only eighty cases happened in the early 90's due to misuse. They got an accident; because of their own mistakes and faults. The injuries were not that much serious. People survived without any significant loss.

In conclusion, propane heaters nowadays are smart. The risk is very minimal. The user does not need to be frightened in using propane. But preferably it is an excellent decision to use it safely for various purposes.

Safety guidelines

Essential tips to prevent CO poisoning because of inappropriate heater usage discussed below. An individual must be sure to follow the rules and avoid misuse or prevent negligent operation.

Outdoor settings

Heating with gas is highly safe for outdoor. There is enough oxygen present in outdoor. So the CO becomes harmless. The heater is suitable for activities like outdoor parties, workshops or construction sites. In some cases, propane heater is also used in indoors particularly in large warehouses, trade areas and factories.

Propane does not be kept in an enclosed small space. Therefore, you are safe if the propane combustion source is present in a big space or outdoor areas. As a result, a person safely uses the appliances like LPG stoves, portable gas water heaters or portable fueled laundry dryers inside the home, trade and business places.

Small indoors and harmful effects

Propane heaters not used in an enclosed space like a small area, full factory or too much gathering places. The units also should never be run within tents or small camping sites. You can use the specific labeled indoor propane by following its safety actions. People must heed all safety codes. It is better not to operate the unit indoors.

Real life example (Camping Dangers)

A hunter sleeps at night with the propane heater inside a small cabin. The heater warms the space after some time. But two events started to begun which are invisible to human senses. The first event is that the oxygen in the air gets reduced as the hunter sleeps. The heater consumes oxygen from the air in a small enclosed area. In the second event, carbon monoxide (CO) takes the place of oxygen, and the danger starts for the hunter. We know, this is a natural phenomenon and an unhealthy combination of both oxygen and carbon monoxide. Due to the decrease of oxygen the hunter feels dizziness and confusion. Hunter gets unconscious within minutes. As a result, the hunter accidentally caused the situation by using the heater in indoor space. He did contrary to the unit’s safety rules.

Propane heater different size and safety concerns

Propane heater comes in different sizes for its users. A person should figure out the right size. The right size of the heater will help its user to heat correctly according to the space area. There are compact portable propane heaters. They mainly produce 5000 BTU or less per hour. LP gas tank sometimes creates problem while doing camps or fishing in the open area. People use the tub in a fixed area like homes or business places. Tankless is the prime choice for campers and fisherman, and it also produces radiant heat.

Warehouse and construction unit looks for larger heaters to get their job done in time. Commercial propane heater produces 10000 to 45000 BTU or more per hour of heat.

Every size of propane generates CO as a natural byproduct. The essential point is to determine the appropriate size for running applications.

What to look for in a propane heater before buying it?

All models are not alike. A person should shop smart. Safety features are to checked according to need.

The safety measures which are to checked pointed below-

  • Locking burners
  • Heat-resistant burners
  • Rain or wind resistant shields
  • Automatic safety devices
  • Easy ignition systems
  • Low-pressure burner system
  • Lightweight body for easy handling
  • Manual shut-off options 

Most popular and main safety feature (Oxygen depletion system alerts)

ODS or oxygen depletion system alerts is a vital feature. People should search for the function while buying the propane heater. ODS alert is handy to prevent poisoning damage from carbon monoxide. In the heater body, the alert system integrated systematically. It will alert its users if there are any unsafe levels of low oxygen. The added protection feature will save the life, and it is also a peace of mind for cautious persons during everyday use.


In this article we are trying to sort out some safety way regarding danger from an propane heater. Hope that; these information will help you to make decision before buying a propane water heater.

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