Where install tankless water heater?

When you decided to install a tankless water heater unit then a question must arise where install tankless water heater? In that context, our expert's team found some guideline to find the best place for installation of your new tankless water heater. Resulting, by following these guidelines, you can easily select the place you can install your tankless water heater with minimum installation cost.

Let’s talk about part by part:

  • To install tankless water heater at whole home:
  1. At the first moment, you have to look at the place where your old water pipes and gas line are already installed. Because installing a new one at the old place is the right decision to minimize the installation cost. But sometimes you need to change the gas line if your heater is gas fired with a larger scale of BTU transfer rate.
  2. In case of the gas-fired tankless water heater, the venting requirements are very crucial to install gas-fired models of the tankless water heater. If you vented through the wall the vent must be set on 3 feet from the operable window.
  3. In case of the gas-fired tank-less water heater, it better vented through the roof with long ventilation facility installed. That’s experts says basement installation of tank-less water heater is not suitable to get the safest performance from a gas-fired unit of the tankless water heater.
  • According to safety concerning point of use a tankless water heater:
  1. Do not install it under the air-conditioner line because water can drip into your heater.
  2. Do not install it above or down the electric panels or box because it can catch-up the fire.
  • Must needed Learning point:
  • Before the use of a tankless water heater please try to gather some knowledge about electric panel and configuration of house plumbing which will help you to know about future repairing issue and water heater performance.
  • Gather information about local building codes which will help you to find the best location to install your water heater. Otherwise hanging on a wall might raise a possibility for un expected accident.


At the end, we hope that by following these guidelines to select the place where you install your tank-less water heater and hope you will get the best ever performance from a best tankless water heater units

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