Why choose tankless water heater?

To answer this question “why choose tankless water heater”? We can say that there are so many stronger reasons behind to choose a tank-less water heater. Basically, A tankless water heater is also known for its capacity to supply on-demand hot water. That's why the modern house owners choose tank-less water heater to fulfill their hot water demand.
In our unbiased tankless water heater reviews, we mention more times that a tankless water heater has no tank and it just senses the water flow and passes water through its burner and heating the cold water to hot water and serve endless hot water to fulfill your hot water demand.
On the hand, a traditional tank water heater heating the water slowly and keep the heating continue. As a result, your power consumption bills are raised up until you switched off your tanked water heater. But a tankless water heater stops heating the water when you just turn off the faucet. At the same time, most tankless water heaters produced today with high efficiency with direct ventilation system and power ventilation system. Resulting, its reduce your overall installation cost at maximum level.

Let’s talk about point wise to give your answer:

  • Size and weight:

An obvious positive benefit of a tankless water heater is; it comes in a smaller size with lower weight. Resulting, you can easily install this one by hanging on the wall, under the cabinet, small kitchen space or small sized bathroom roof. If you look into an urban area house the spaces are smaller so everybody wants to save their home space. In that case, choosing a tank less water heater is the best solution to get the hot water rather than install a tanked water heater.

  • Capacity to supply endless hot water:

When we analyze the benefits of a tankless water heater we have found that a tankless water heater unit can serve hot water to take continues shower for five hours and for sure will never run out of hot water.

  • Tankless consumes less energy:

This is a most arguable benefit of a tank-less water heater unit. That’s the reasons it has got the Energy Star Certification. Now, you can ask a question how it consumes less energy? Yes, dear as you know there is no need to heat the water continues to keep the water hot. Resulting, there is no standby energy losses that a traditional tank water heater do. Now maybe you can ask a question how much less energy consumes? The highest efficient gas tankless water heater that we have found was a Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG tankless unit, with an energy factor of 150 therms per year for natural gas. As compared to a similar capacity traditional tank water heater will use 250 therms per year. So, this is enough reason to choose a tankless water heater.

  • Longer life:

This is another notable benefit of a tankless water heater. The manufacturers of tankless water heater offer a lifetime warranty with replacement warranty of heat exchanger and other faulty parts minimum for 12 to 15 years. While a traditional tank water heater comes with 10 to 15 years of warranty as a whole. In that case, tankless water heater release your tension regarding the quality issue. Because the warranty also shows the confident about the product from the manufacturer.


At the last sentence, we hope that now you can understand "why you choose a tankless water heater" rather than to choose a traditional tank water heater.

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